My boyfriend got my little sister pregnant

She is 13 and he is 19. He cheated on me with my own sister and now she is pregnant. Is he going to go to jail because I hope he does.

OK well my boyfriend is in jail because he robbed some guy, my sister and mom told the cops that he raped her but there is no proof or something. And she lost the baby I guess her doctor said her body denied it somehow.
OK to everyone. My mom sat me down last night with some guy and had a long talk with me about everything. She said I shouldn't worry about this anymore that it is all done and said that my EX boyfriend will be put in prison.
I think the guy was our lawyer. Then they looked through my phone and my mom and him and my sister went somewhere. My mom isn't telling me anything she just told me to tell the truth if anyone asks me anything and not to try and protect him


Most Helpful Girl

  • The answer to your question is yes quite simply or there is a place that I don't know of that lets 13 year old legally have sex. Where I come from anyone who is over the legal age to have sex (16) is responsible enough to take the responsibility of finding out whether or not the person they want to have sex with is also over the legal age and if they are not they can report it and the one who is legal can be punished for it accordingly

    Now I don't want to start a big argument with people who thinks its wrong but I think your sister needs an abortion 1 before her friends find out so she doesn't get bullied and 2 because 13 is just too young to look after a child and yes many people may say but there is the option of putting the child up for adoption but just having to be pregnant for that long is going to effect her school life and effect her physically and mentally.

    Now before I get shouted at by the numerous people who I know would want to you cannot say you believe in something until you are put into a situation where it is a serious option. If you where 13 would you really of been mentally to look after a child? Many people find it hard enough at the age of 16. Ok I have finished my defence.

    I hope you have the info you need from everybody