Do guys like pulling out their girl's tampon?

Just curious. Guys? Does it gross you out to pull out your girlfriend's tampon?


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  • This is the weirdest question I've ever come across on this site. No, guys do not like this. I'm sure there is the one guy somewhere that has some weird fetish for this, but every other guy is not into this. If you're going to have sex and you're on your period then do what every other girl does and excuse yourself to the bathroom to remove it first.


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  • NO!

  • Yes it would be gross. That's not even sexual, just nasty. Would you want to wipe a guys butt?

  • Yes, if we're going to have sex, I have pulled it out for two of my partners. Obviously, we were going to have sex, we were comfortable around each other and we were adults. It was no big deal at the time. I didn't think it was gross. If I am comfortable with a woman on her period, and having sex with her during that time, it's no big deal to pull out her tampon.

  • I remember asking a girlfriend once just to stay in the bathroom while she did so, instead of her kicking me out... I guess it was like an 'openness' thing. I mean, don't many couples joke about the first time they farted in front of each other?

    If a woman wanted me to do this for her, I would... I don't know... I guess it would probably play into a FemDom kind of fantasy perhaps.

    But generally, most guys aren't going to view this as a turn-on... you'll find many more people into "golden showers" than "period play" ;)

    If it is between two consenting adults, does it really matter what anyone else thinks?

    That said, some of the reactions here are extreme I think...

  • That would definitely gross me out and I wouldn't be remotely interested in doing it.

  • I would do it...has it been done to you?

  • Like? No

    but if I had to because she couldn't I prob would

  • what the heck type of question is this? Why in the world would a guy like doing this?

    Thats just gross...

  • why would I want to do that?


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  • I can't imagine any man enjoying it unless he has a blood fetish. But even then, the tampoon isn't exactly the sexiest of all items.

    Most guys I know kind of have a "don't ask, don't tell" policy about a woman's period. They know it exists but really don't want too many details on it. Most guys don't even want to buy your tampons at the store let along see the thing in action.

    But then again, I'm sure there is some guy who is curious.

  • that's disgusting, I would never even think of letting my guy do that. f***ing nasty, if a guy wanted to do that, I would be creeped out.

  • um... ew

  • WTF! if my boyfriend did that we wouldn't be together long