Why are so many girls slutty? -or- Why is it hard to find girls who aren't?

I don't want this question to come across as accusing women of all being sluts, or saying that I disapprove of a woman being able to have the freedom to have as much casual sex as she wants in a free society.

That being said, what the f*** is going on these days? Why can't I find one, just *one* good girl who doesn't want to sleep with me on the first date and hasn't lost count of how many guys she slept with? It's like every girl I meet has a history of being abused by guys, of being tricked into sex, or otherwise allowing herself to be abused and turns around and *expects me to do the same*. Hell, I recently broke up with my girlfriend because she was unable to form a relationship that extended beyond sex. I have friends in their 30s who have this problem too. Our culture has degraded women into thinking they have to act this way and it disgusts me.

It's not the acts themselves that disgust me, I don't expect anyone I meet to be a virgin or pure or whatever, I'm totally ok with girls who've slept with their boyfriends and whatnot. What disgusts me is the weak will these girls seem to have. These "sluts" (for lack of a better term) always say overall they don't enjoy having so many partners, but I've had far too many girls who I am just friends with crying on my shoulder about how bad they feel about how they act, but week after week they repeat it: hooking up with guys because they think that'll keep them around, when really all it does it tell the guy she's an easy girl who he can f*** a few times and leave.

I don't know what I'm saying here, but it's the biggest turn off in the world when I find out the girl I'm with sleeps with guys in vain hope that somehow he'll find that attractive and stick around. It says so much about the self-esteem and world view of the girl I'm with it prevents me from having any confidence in the relationship because in my experience, that kind of girl doesn't stop that behavior and inevitably cheats.

So what's the deal ladies? I'm guessing a lot of you aren't the kind of girl I described, so why is it that it's so hard to find girls like you? I have some theories, such as the good girls are usually in a relationship while the slutty ones are bouncing around from guy to guy, and statistically, I'm likely to come across sluts. But then I think that doesn't account for the shear volume of sluts that cross my path. I feel like there are no strong women out there anymore, that in the process of liberating women from the chains of the past, modern society has exploited them (just look at almost any ad, many use sex to sell) and our sisters and daughters have fallen victim.

Forgot this one thing: A huge factor in me being turned-off girls who act like this is the self-confidence: If a girl thinks she's not worth more than a sex object, I feel too guilty to be with her because I feel I'm being used.


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  • I hate to say this, but girls are desperate, and its not just lack of self confidence, it truly is being fed up with all the good guys out there in the world not asking them out.

    I hate to admit it, but I have even fallen victim to this concept. I am a virgin, but I was so fed up with guys not asking me out because I am not easy, so I gave away my first real physical relationship to a jerk. Mostly because he was there, and I was tired of all the other guys in the world being intimidated by me. I am pretty, and I am smart but there is something so alluring about a relationship in a girls eyes. We all want to be loved. We all want to have passionate sex, but we don't want to wait. Its hard waiting, especially when there are plenty of boys out there who would be happy to make a move. Its our choice, really. There is so much information in this world, that we can't blame it on ignorance anymore. We aren't ignorant we just make choices, to feel some fake connection for one night, that will essentially run out what ever trust we built up in the male gender.

    There is no easy way to say it but we do what we do, because we are raise in a society with subjective morals, that enables you to make mistakes by taking away the consequences. Now I know that you are for sex before marriage, I'm not mostly because you can be turned on by anyone even if you aren't attracted to you ( I know its happened). So I am a firm believer that a girl (or boy) shouldn't have sex until marriage. Not just because of emotional baggage, but all of the physical consequences that our society likes to deprive its people of. The information is out there we just choose to ignore it. For instance STDs, pregnancy these things are often covered up by people who want it to be your choice, and we should all understand what is right for you may not be what is right for me. If this is true, then why are there so many guys out there asking the exact same question you are.

    It makes no logical sense why I fell into that loop, or why people want to go around having sex with each other on a first date. I know marriage seems to be a thing of the past, but I wouldn't want to give all I have to give to a guy, just so he can leave me, give me an STD, possibly cheat on me, or compare to another girl he has slept with. Its degrading, but some girls are already just objects, so I don't think its a problem for them, because it is all they have experience in.