How to make my girlfriend squirt ?

I heard making a girl squirt she will feel very good, I wanna do it on my GF, make her feel good. can someone please teach me ?


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  • Just start off slow by fingering and place a hand on her stomach above her va ja jay,

    start fingering her faster with more fingers and stimulate the clit while doing that ,then try to reach a soft area inside her va jay jay and massage it with one finger, while you keep fingering her fast. keep doing that until she squirts..

    here is a link that you can read, that's how I found out about this! not that I have tried or anything..


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      An article from on a woman's ability to orgasm in which the introduction indicates a woman who can't orgasm "don't know how" and that women who squirt are more sexually in tune with themselves than women who don't. Yes, and according to Cosmo, every man is just waiting for a woman to stick her finger up his ass. All great , reputable, scientific sources of info. Articles like those need to be taken with not just a grain of salt - an entire shaker of it.

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      I agree that its just the same as any orgasm, but it is something special I believe, so if a woman can or cannot squirt doesn't make her any less sexual. although if she can't come at all then she might have a problem or kinda not feeling comfortable yet or the guy has no idea what he is doing. anyhow all women are different when it comes to this matter, plus thier personalities. some are more sexual than others.

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      That line a more sexual woman would squirt is kinda stupid because its a matter of preferance and ability!

      some guys actually hate squirting and some love it! although I don't understand why a man could get grossed by it when all men are squirters themselves! anyway its all good, whether she is a squirter or not, whatever makes her feel good and comfortable!