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Do guys think it's gross if they pop a girl's cherry because it bleeds?

I have a boyfriend and we have done everything but have sex because I am kind of scared because me being a virgin ,my cherry isn't popped .. and I... Show More

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  • What will determine whether or not he thinks it is "gross", will be determined by how emotionally mature he is.

    As your profile indicates your age as 30+ years old, I'll assume that your boyfriend is close in age.

    Do either of you have any special emotional, developmental or psychological factors beyond the loss of your virginity, that bear consideration?

    Assuming that there are no such considerations, if he's that old and is squeamish about such things, I would suggest re-evaluating the relationship.

    Any emotionally mature guy beyond the age of... I don't know... 14? should have no thought on the matter beyond your comfort and pleasure.

    Please excuse my curiosity. How does it come to be that in today's world, you have maintained your virginity beyond the age of 30?

What Guys Said 10

  • Its not. But to make things more comfortable, use a towel. Helps when on the rag too. :)

  • well if he know ur a virgen then he should know that that has to happen...like it or not he should only have to deal with it once if he stays with u...unless he is terrifed of blood or something...i think they should be fine with it

  • No not really.

  • Trust me. he won't mind.

  • It kinda freaked me out the one time I did this (my first g/f). I didn't expect there to be so much blood and I was worried for her. She quickly cleaned everything up with a trip to the bathroom and change of sheets. I wouldn't call it gross. Just a rare but natural experience.

  • Each girls experience is different, from my experience it feels weird during the first time, but after it becomes more enjoyable...

  • i don't think its gross. not grosser then sex is

  • Of course it's gross, but we know this is normal, even after it is "popped", you may still bleed a little during some rough sex. Most guys accept this very fact quickly.

  • I wouldn't.

What Girls Said 11

  • This was two months ago. How did it work out for you? Bet he didn't even notice

  • since he knows ur a virgin and is welling to have sex with you. Of course he wouldnt.

  • how old are you - really? Because at your age you should be able to know that a guy no he doesn't think its gross - its normal almost every woman loses it that way - it will hurt at first but should get better depends of course if he knows what he is doing!

  • The cherry doesn't actually pop. Watch this:


  • no why would he think that all men have to pop some girls cherry in their

    lifetime and its normal... and maybe you won't even bleed. I only bleed a little but only

    after it was done and over with. plus men usually don't even think about that their more focused on the pleasure a virgin gives them. don't worry about that if you truly love each other

    that won't even come to mind during the experience!

  • well depends you know but I mean with me my first time was with my boyfriend that I have now

    at 1st I was scared bcuz I wasn't comfortable with myself I thought that me losin my virginity was going to be regretful

    but my boyfriend helped me thru it and talked bout it b4 we actually did it that makes a girl comfortable

    if you guys are ready and ur not so sure talk to him and I'm sure he'll take the time to talk to you bout it and make you feel comfortable that sure helped me

    so don't worry bout popin the cherry being gross cu you don't bleed as much well with me I didn't bleed a lot it was a small amount until later I was bleeding the whole day and my boyfriend didn't make a deal bout it we were both very comfortable of course I was scared bout the pain it was going to cause me but in the end it feels good and plus I'm sure ur boyfriend is already mature at his age so don't worry bout it

  • If a guys thinks its gross to take a girls virginity because there might be some blood invovlved then he is not ready for sex, at least I think so.

    Just tell him your a virgin. I'm positive he wouldn't mind.

    • * If a guy.

      *take a girl's

  • doont wooriie moost gurls don't even bleed youhh might not buut iif youhh do and he thiinks iis groos then tell hemm too f***k off thatt iit soome thiing totally normal

  • No because it feels good who wants to hook up

  • I didn't bleed. Maybe you won't either

  • if he thinks its gross then tell him to f*** off.

    some guys like virgins becuase they know you're not a slut and haven't been sleeping around with random people

    i was a virgin too. and my cherry never popped. so I didn't bleed. it just hurt like hell at first. so maybe that will happen to you too (:

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