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Just to wonder, who else goes to literotica.com and how do yall like it? any favorite stories?

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  • Thats saved in my favorites. So that says a lot my top stories are; Damn Dress Seven days and this other one where the title escapes me at the moment.

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  • go on it all the time honestly I think its better then porn

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  • I like writing normal ficion anyway and while ill with flu one week, started writing erotic fiction. When I heard about literotica, I posted my stories and it's great receiving the odd email telling me someone has loved my stories. Really depends on what you are into, but there are some very talented writers on that site, even with the subject matter being sex or a specific kink etc. Try krr1957, couture, realbigsid69 or mylene

  • May I recommend- "Peterotica" by Peter Griffin.

    • I was thinking the same exact thing when I clicked this

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