Girls, 6 inches big enough?

My d*ck is 6 inches and I've had girls on here tell me so far that that's average/above average. Just trying to get more viewpoints, is 6 in. big enough for you? like if you saw mine at 6in. would that be a turn on? or does it need to be bigger and is it big enough for good s*x because I want the girl to be able to enjoy it. and also what do you girls think about guys cumming? is it a turn on? or just a turn off? thanks for your help!


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  • stop worrying about size most girls are not turned on by the size of out penis specifically it is how we use it and how we interact with them. Anotomically a 4 inch penis can give as much pleasure as a 8 inch girth will make it easier for stimulation.

    If you explore sex you will learn that first a woman responds mainly to fourplay f***ing is f***ing its the lead up often over the course of a day that makes he want sex.

    A orgasm is mainly psychological in men and women and totally seperate from cumming. Physical stimulation is a small factor and I would love to go off into what a man can do to help a women to a amazing orgasm but the question at had is are you big enough. the answer is you are exactly average for a white male and plenty big enough to give a women plesure.

    What I'm adding is that a woman isn't waiting to see how big you are they are looking for confidence and wanting you to explore there whole body not just there kitty and enjoy there physical form to the fullest while sharing yourself with them and honoring them.

    Girls if any of this is wrong please please please let me know.


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  • For me personally I don't care about the size it just matters if you know how to work with it. I think its a turn on when a guy cums.

  • (As I told you before) I think 6 inches is plenty big. But what you do with it matters more.

    I think a guy cumming is an incredible turn on, BUT not all girls feel that way so be careful the first time you`re with someone.

    • Haha (I know and I appreciate your help, you helped a lot, just trying to get more viewpoints that's all) so you think a girl would feel mine in them pretty good? and yea you are right ill remember that about being with someone for the first time. Thnks!

What Guys Said 2

  • It's fine because the girls vagina automatically adjusts to the d*** as long as it's bigger then 4 inches which yours is so yeah. As long as ur not tinier than 4 inches, it becomes more important as to what you can do in the bed than how big you are. No homo.

  • 6 inches is straight my dude, most dudes aren't packin more than that.