Smelly balls?

Why do balls smell so bad? LOL. my ex's balls had an eternal stench to them that still lingered even after he showered... I know its from sweat... but wtf! why have they not come out with a deodorant for balls yet?!


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  • hahah I know. always smells like they just got done mowing the grass

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  • "Deodorant for balls." You sound like a dirty Jerry Seinfeld.

    • Lol =D

  • well one time in jail I was reading about stds and what every one said already can be true bu so can this he can have std

  • Tell the guy to use lotion. You have a different kind of sweat gland in places like your arm pits and crotch area called apocrine glands ( link ) that release a worse funk than normal. Unless you are exercising the only reason why you sweat in that area so much (and have hair) is to reduce friction, so if you put lotion on that area it reduces the need for your body to have to produce sweat as a natural lube...that and I also keep the hair trimmed since hair holds in smells.

    • They mean Asian-Asian, not subcontinent Indian-Asian people

    • I have a slight problem with that link. And there's no way I can say this without sounding racist, which I don't intend it to but... The guys that I've found myself being really offended by their smell have been sub-continent (india / pakistan)men. I've always thought it was their diet. But if they have the least apocrine gladns shouldn't they... well.. not smell?Again, please don't take it racistly. I'm not saying it's ALL. I still just think it's the diet.

    • It also says Asians have the least apocrine glands, so if you want a guy with better smelling balls then maybe you should date an Asian dude o_0

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  • There is no deodorant for balls :D well this occurs this a lot. Its normal since testicles stays under boxer and trouser for approximately 6-7 hours without any fresh air suppliement.

  • Lots of sweat glands there. The testicles to make sperm need to be a degree or 2 below normal body temperature. That's why they "hang" outside the body. (In cold weather they retract).So to keep cool they hang, and there's lots of sweat glands. Given the underwear and pants we have on, that sweat often takes a bit to evaportate, making a lovely breeding ground for bacteria, which leads to foul odor.How to fix it:* Shower 2 times a day* Spray it with antiperspirant* Keep cool* If he's REALLY stinky, get him to wash his balls when he goes to the toilet* Not sure if this would work, but maybe shove a block of ice between his legs? :-D

    • Hahaha didin't know they came out with that!

    • There's a difference between cologne and antiperspirant. Cologne 'smells' nice, and that's it. Antiperspirant often smells nice too, but much more importantly has (I think) aluminum in it to stop you sweating, hence the name.It shouldn't be painful. I've even seen "all over body antiperspirant" now which is sort of code for "spray this on your balls."

    • Lol ill keep that in mind if my next boyfriends balls stink!! lol my ex would put cologne on his balls, is that safe? lol. and also just wanted to say that I really have sympathy 4 you guyz. I can't imagine how annoying that must b to have those sweaty, smelly, stiicky things b/t ur legs all day!

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  • my ex boyfriend had them too which made going down on him absolute torture haha

  • i got to say your f***ing hilairious! hahaha. Well my boyfriend rarely has smelly balls, and when he does I like it but I can get what you mean by too much lmfao! nothing like a swallon good smellin pair of balls slappin on your face :D

    • Ahahahahhah!!! Amen sista!!! nicely put!!!

  • I like it...Don`t put deodorant on them! Then if you lick them, you`ll get icky stuff in your mouth. :(

  • hahah my ex boyfriend's balls were like that too. I thought all guys were that way. But not with my new guy... his just smell yummy... mmm ha, so I spose they're not ALL like that, although that smell could be a turn on for some girls, not me.

    • Mmmmm omg thinking about my ex bfs smelly balls is turning me on now hahaha. although I complain about the smell, I suppose I was slightly attracted to it in a way too! haha eww. but sometimes the stench was TOO much. like when they were really really sweaty. haha grrr I'm jealous of u. I want a yummy ball smelling man!