GUYS. If you put a girl's hand on your crotch while making out?

Do you EVER just expect her to stroke it? Would it be too frustrating , having her stroke it then moving away without you cumming or without it going towards sex... Would you ever JUST want her to TOUCH it- NO STRINGS ATTACHED?

Inversely, if she seemed OK with YOU PUTTING IT THERE would you expect a hand job , blow job, or sex?

Would you loose interest in MAKING OUT in general, after putting her hand there, if none of the aforementioned were provided?

Would it be a deal breaker , if you did not know her very well yet? I.E it would seem like she had a hag up with sex , or sexual things etc. & sex , was something that you are very comfortable with, & would only want to date people who are comfortable too... ?

WANACOT: "Pretty much any guy is gonna be disappointed if you just stroke it a bit then move away." What if you stroked it fora loooooooooong time? Do guys ever like there penis to be stroked Lightly, or just Hard? What about Slow Vs. Fast?


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  • Typically if a guy is putting your hand there it's because he wants something. Whether that something is a handjob or sex entirely depends on the guy and the situation. Pretty much every guy is going to be disappointed if you stroke it a bit then move away. However, your limits are your own so do not do anything you're not comfortable with.

    • Thank You... Just curious. & Yah, of course I would not do some thing I was not comfortable with.. Somehow if I did, it seems disrespectful to him as well, I am not sure why .... I also wanted to know what a guy expects because , while I do not mind touching him there, I've never been around anyone having an orgasm, & I would worry about making him feel uncomfortable, cause I might get uncomfortable. So I l would not do it if he was expecting HAND JOB... - May have problem talking after.

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    • Great answer, wanacot! To the questioner: I would assume a guy wants some action if he puts your hand on his crotch. And I hear you saying that you're not so comfortable with bringing him to orgasm through a handjob, and if so, I recommend you ask him if you can play with his d*ck a bit, but not necessarily to do any more than that. And ask what he's open to, but as wanacot says, only do what you enjoy! And learn from sites like Make Love, Not Porn. Let someone know if you're new at something.

    • Thanks.

      & Course I will not do anything I am not comfortable with, but I also don't want to make him uncomfortable because of that.

      If it was a spur of the moment thing, talking would be kinda REALLY awkward.. I did not want to do anything that would inspire too much thinking- we have a problem with that already.. We both way over think things, so I was trying to find a more neutral response, which is hard since I had NO idea what he wanted... We kind of agreed not to go that far {his idea} -?

  • NO to it all. It's just stupid.

    • Sorry you are so uncomfortable with yourself^

  • Well I don't tend to just put a girls hand there but if I did it would be obvious what I wanted. Well If a girl purposefully touches is only to tease that could be a little irritating. If she unzips his zipper and whips it out there's almost a humanitarian code of ethics that require she go through with at least a handjob, a perfectly asseptable and enjoyable thing. If a girl took mine out with no intention of sex or a blowjob or a handjob at all It would make me angry and frusturated. Blue balls may not be deadly like some teenage boys lie and it can't be triggered that bad by just kissing this could trigger some serious and irritating blue balls

    • Yes, I understand you do not put a hand there randomly. I mean if you guys were making out, & you instinctually guided her hand there} "It would be obvious what yo wanted" Did you mean sex, or just that at the time it would be obvious, whatever it happened to be?

      Umm, if YOU guide HER hand there, then would yo be irritated if she ddi not do anything with it. Cold you just continue making out without that? { What if she did not know what to DO with it? Ha, ha. But seriously ? }

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    • We always want to. would you like to be approached on the bus or at school or at work by a man that said well I caught a glimpse of your t*ts and ass and I would like to f*** you if you would be alright with that. Perhaps you can get down on are knees suck me and then bend over. Too forward. Well that's what all men your dad your brothers all your male friends ur trusted male teacher/church leader, Gandhi all men want to say and do. And yet they don't Timing self control hard to believe huh

    • Haha actually not - I grew up in a city that somehow had this 11 year old girl- radar

      -Suddenly, I could not go anywhere without getting the request of what you just said ether verbally, with their eyes or some other physical gesture. lol

      I always assume guys want it & if they really like you, it would make them want it less -

      lol clearly a conglomeration of bad movies & personal projection.

      The stronger feeling I have for a guy the LESS they need to do have an impact on me in a major way^^

  • No I wouldn't =p

    But I sure should if she only would standing like frozen too the ground, not even touching me when I'm touching her (that would be frustrating AND a turn-off).

    • I m sorry what did you mean?

      You would not expect her to do anything, but you would LIKE her to if you are touching her?

      You do not want her to do noting, but you would not expect her to touch your penis?

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    • I mean analyzing is good, but this is really deep. haha=p

    • Ok. YOU mean you would have little to say ,, in THAT situation...

      Got it- thanks! lol


  • just stroke him while your kissing him and stop when he isn't kissing you then if he wants you to keep stroking it he willl kiss you more so then you both get what you wants if he wants to come he will kiss you till you make him

    • Omg Someone ACTUALLY answered my question. Wow.. hahaha

      Sooo did you just come up with that- case it is clever, or is that a common thing.. It makes a lot of sense... Great idea, sto[ when he stops so he gets the idea.. I was worried he would think it would mean sex tho - & I am a virgin & I amount ready to have sex, but I thought he knew& he doesn't s e may have expected it... I wish there was a particuar way you could stroke or something that would let him know I was not having sex lol

    • Well maybe you too need to discuss your boundires pertaining to sex

      and yea I did come up with that lol

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  • ok first off just because a girl strokes your penis doesn't mean she is going to give you some I left plenty of guys with blue balls especially the one's that was bold enough to just put my hand there in he doesn't even no me like that I show him by stroking it real good then leaving him there with a hard penis lol so good luck at that nasty boy.

    • Lol you think I should have made him feel good, then left?

      >does that happen to you often- that a guy just puts it there?

      do you think in all cases it is rude?

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    • No matter what when you take her hand ask her is it ok if I place your hand on my penis see what she says and yes all guys are nasty be it in public or behind closed doors you know what I mean jerking, p*rn etc.

    • Oh I get it lol :-)

      & Good pont, I don't see why you can't ask....Also, she may not want to have sex but might be ok with fooling around- it makes it very confusing.

      I guess they don't ask because

      1.they do not want to think about what they really want.

      2 she might say no. lol

      "No matter what when you take her hand ask her is it ok if I place my penis see what she says and yes "

      Do you really leave with blue balls on you rub it to make them Suffer?

      What do you say when you leave?