GUYS. If you put a girl's hand on your crotch while making out?

Do you EVER just expect her to stroke it? Would it be too frustrating , having her stroke it then moving away without you cumming or without it going towards sex... Would you ever JUST want her to TOUCH it- NO STRINGS ATTACHED?

Inversely, if she seemed OK with YOU PUTTING IT THERE would you expect a hand job , blow job, or sex?

Would you loose interest in MAKING OUT in general, after putting her hand there, if none of the aforementioned were provided?

Would it be a deal breaker , if you did not know her very well yet? I.E it would seem like she had a hag up with sex , or sexual things etc. & sex , was something that you are very comfortable with, & would only want to date people who are comfortable too... ?

WANACOT: "Pretty much any guy is gonna be disappointed if you just stroke it a bit then move away." What if you stroked it fora loooooooooong time? Do guys ever like there penis to be stroked Lightly, or just Hard? What about Slow Vs. Fast?


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