You sleep with your girlfriend's best friend?

Okay... say your in a relationship with a girl and she's pretty, comes from a good family, great personality, and you tell her all the time you want to marry her. you've dated her for 3 years and you are best friends... so the relationship is pretty serious right? then after a night of heavy drinking.. you sleep with your girlfriend's best friend who is also very attractive, but different from your girlfriend as far as body goes. your girlfriend has big hips, smaller breasts, average height, bigger ass (that you tell her all the time that you love about her!). her best friend is average height but very petite and larger breasts, smaller hips and small butt. okay... so who is better?

i guess what I'm trying to ask is... do men cheat on their gfs with their friends because they think the friend is better than their gf? or more sexually appealing?
and yes. I know. a guy that cheats is a big douche! but I am curious


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  • Men cheat on their gfs with their friends because they're horny, sloppy, and inexperienced.

    What these guys don't realize is that if a girl's friend wants to f*ck him, it's not because she's hot for him. It's because she wants to score ego points by humiliating her friend. Savage, mean-girl bullsh*t to be sure, but that's what it is.

    This means, of course, that it's very likely that the girlfriend will know eventually. It's not enough to steal her best friend's man; her friend has to *know* she stole him.

    So when my gf's friend starts hitting on me, not only is she not really interested in me, AND likely to expose us eventually, but she is also an enemy and a traitor to my girlfriend. Not only would I turn her down, but I would warn my girlfriend.

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      Lol yes.... girls and guys are so cruel. for a guy its ego points knowing he can f*** his girlfriends best friend. and for the gfs best friend its ego points knowing she can steal him! ahh its sooo truee!!