How do you rub a d*** outside a guy's pants?

Like I don't understand... I know you put your hand on his pants a stuff, but explain. I'm confused.


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  • Lol you sort of answered your own question but this is sort of a fetish of mine so I will try to explain. Rub his thighs touch his stomach rub your hand near there and then accidentally bump it then touch it with one finger then rub it with your hand. And slowly unbuckle his belt and reach your hand down his pants and touch him through his underwear then reach into his underwear... I think you can take it from here. The anticipation the moment where she reaches over and touches you and slowly pulls it out plays with it treats it like a Christmas present she is feeling through the wrapper is hot. Its sort of teasing foreplay. Also before you do anything give him a hug and a really close kiss so the erection he's bound to get will be pressed up against you


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  • Just grab it and rub it up and down. That's what the hookers in Hong Kong used to do to me.

  • Umm you do what's natural and rub your hand I mean what is confusing like what kind of question is that lmfao


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