How come asian women don't shave their bush?

I think it is the only flaw in asian women. Personally, I don't like all that hair down there at all

Will anyone answer this? I know asian culture fairly well but even I know better than to ask a woman directly about this. Good thing for websites like this(^_*).


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  • It was illegal for a long time in many Asian countries such as Japan for a woman's genitalia to show, so in p*rn and stuff like that they'd have the woman have a lot of hair so that her privates wouldn't show. The rule was the same for men, so that's why tentacle p*rn is around. They couldn't show a penis, so they had tentacles instead. In Hentai they would either have girls with LOTS of hair, or they'd be wearing panties.

    Personally I shave because it seems cleaner to me somehow. My girlfriends tend to agree, maybe we're just paranoid about smelling bad or something. But personally, when I go to the bathroom I know I'm clean after. I would think that a girl with a lot of hair would get their pubic hair soaked with urine and they'd smell bad. I don't think it would matter if you showered everyday or not, because if you shower at the beginning of the day, you're still going to the bathroom throughout the day. It's the same with underarm hair, girls I knew that didn't shave their arms always smelt bad even though they showered a lot. Hair holds onto moisture, that's just a fact, and if that moisture happens to be sweat, or urine it's going to be there all day until you shower. I think that's gross.

    As for Asian girls not shaving, based on the girls I know, I'd have to say that's probably true. I'm sure there are Asian girls that shave, but all the East Asian girls I've known throughout the years have always insisted on wearing shorts to the beach, and they've said it's because they don't shave down there and regular swimsuits show the hair. Also got into an awkward conversation with one Asian friend asking for a tampon, I said I only use pads, she said that she hated them because they stick to her pubic hair...I just said I don't have that problem.

    So to the people saying that girls that shave are "slutty", I've shaved since I was 12. I certainly was not "slutty" at 12, and I'm not now. It's called hygiene, and I'm certainly not going to be caught walking around smelling like p*ss just because some pig thinks a hairy vagina is "innocent". In my experience, people who dig lots of hair on women are usually creeps, and I keep them at a sizable distance from myself.

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      I agree with you it's hygiene that counts and hello it looks better... ima guy a hair down their is disgusting even for guys

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  • I would like to think that they dont like to shave because its not a huge deal to them. They dont have men bothering them and saying that they have a flaw because of thier hairy beautiful vagina. They are tradional for the most part. They like to be natural and healthy. After all the hair is there for a purpose dont you think? I am a 25 year old white american. I have been with Asian woman from the phillipines, south korea and china. None of them ever smelled bad down there. Never. Some was shaved and most was not. From my experiences Asian woman are very clean and take great care of thier bodys unlike most American girls.

    When I first went to south korea I was 100% against non shaved woman. I lived there for 2 years and from my experiences there and thier high cleanliness I now perfer woman that dont shave and I am actually disappointed when I see a girl that shaves now. I would have to agree with nuke_boooster. They are just way more beautiful when they are natural. Its pretty much a American thing to shave like a p*rn star. If your looking for a Asian woman that does shave I would recommend a American asian. But If I have a Asian girlfriend I perfer her to be foreign born because I am in love with thier culture not just thier bush.