For girls... what do the beads feel like?

You know those beads or balls whatever they are that you put up your ass...There's like 3 or 4 of them on a string well how does it feel. I mean it doesn't feel like a d*** right? because they're balls... so how does it feel? Is it pleasuring? Would you recommend them?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Look, I don't have any experience with the things, so I can't speak to the sensation.

    But it should be clear from the nine-and-a-half million previous posts about anything and everything involving anal penetration, that the experience varies from person to person and the only way tofind out what it's like is to buy a ticket and get on the rollercoaster.

    Buy one. Try it out while you're masturbating. Be gentle. Don't yank it like you're trying to start a Briggs & Stratton.

    If you don't like it. Stop. If you like it a little, keep working at it. If you like it slot, go nuts.