How does it feel to be eaten out?

I recently ate out my girlfriend


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  • I love it. Pay attention to her body language to know what feels best for her. If she grabs your head or hair, arches her back, moans, throws her head back, etc. It's REALLY good if her legs are twitching or shaking involuntarily. I say you should finger her also, for sure, but you don't have to the whole time. Dip your tongue into her vagina or around the outside of the actual hole. That feels really really good but won't actually get her off, like the clit will.


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  • If feels good when you do it right. I personally prefer the finger

  • It feels sooo good, pleasurable especially when you stay licking and sucking just on the clit for a long time. Omg! Makes me shake. How does it taste to you? Curious what it taste like

    • Sometimes, depends on the girl... she may taste bitter because of it being so acidic down there you know. Sometimes it doesn't taste as acidic.. Although the acidy taste isn't that bad at first it can be a tad overwhelming sometimes. Not with all girls just some.. It is easily overcome, and then it's just fun, and tastes cool/different, haven't found anything that tastes quite like that in my life...

  • Shouldn't you be asking your girlfriend? But to answer your question. It feels good. If you want a tip. Finger her while your licking her. Now what feels great

  • It feels great! I was nervous my 1st time...but I liked it! I was pregnant @ the time also,which made it even better!

  • it feels amazing

  • It does feel good to be honest I don't like when he does it too long I rather give my guy a blow job or has sex. Maybe it just I don't know what to do cause it does feel so good when you can scream because there other people around it hard


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  • There are two ways to look at this question, the first places it in a "sexuality" category, the other places it in Behavior.

    Looking at it from the "eating out" perspective which is synonymous with being "chewed out" (in my area of the country) reflects the act of one person yelling at the other for something, anything. I would say that this sucks, especially if the person chewing you out is someone you really like, even love. You could feel betrayed, hurt, angry, jealous, suspicious, and irate to the n^th degree. I wouldn't worry about it in the long run.

    As far as sexuality is concerned, I'm no help.

    • Did you have a point? What was the point to even post you're rambles?

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    • Did no one actually read my post?

      "reflects the act of one person yelling at the other for something, anything. "

      There are 2 ways to interpret this question. The first deals with the sexual act, my answer applies to the act of one person yelling at the other. There are two meanings for the phrase "eaten out. " At first, this question was posted in the Behavior category, and not the Sexuality category. So my answer actually makes sense. Read it.

    • It makes sense if you read it in the Behaviour context.

  • LMAO.