Do girls like guys dicks to be hairy, trimmed or shaved??

I'm wondering because some girls say that its hot for a guys dick to be hairy and some say its nasty? Can you give me your HONEST opinion?


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  • Reasonable amounts of hair are necessary. I mean, a) it'd just be WEIRD to be completely hairless down there, and b) if you don't keep that shaved compulsively, it'll be scratchy for you and the girl.

    The only hair-related complaints I've had are with shedding. It's natural, yes. But if I'm going down on a guy, I hate it when I get a piece of hair stuck in my mouth. And it kind of ruins the moment if I stop to try to fish it out. If my hair is down, I have enough trouble keeping it out of my mouth while I'm occupied.


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  • I share this video about women's preferences regarding men's hair (face, chest, penis). Some like us hairy, some trimmed, some shaved. So you'll have to ask your next girlfriend as well ;)


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  • Hairy is absolutely nasty. What would your reaction be if you were with a girl and she took off her clothes and it was like a mega jungle down there? Not attractive.

    • Actually, I think I'd rather see hair. I have three nieces, and I've had to change their diapers and take them to the bathroom. Bottom line, seeing a woman with no hair to me reminds me of a little girl, and I'd probably get turned off. Hair down there is no issue for me, as long as it isn't a huge hedge that needs to be trimmed.

    • Yeah I get it but that's not what I said. He wants to know if hairy is ok and are you saying that if a girl pulled down her underwear and there was this huge jungle of hair it would turn you on? Well to each his own. Personally the way I see it, no one is gunna come over to your house if they can't find it. And if I wanted a hairball in my mouth I'd lick a cat.

    • Its not nasty at all.
      I've been with beautiful women who have had bushes, and when they take off their underwear, its kinky and hot seeing their pubes, its more boring and looks like you're gonna f**k a 10 year old girl whos completely shaven off

  • Well unlike some of the other girls, I shave completely and don't feel 10. However, for my man. I like it trimmed or shaved. It makes giving head much more pleasant. Especially if you like having your testicles licked or sucked on. Nobody wants a mouth full of hair. So if you expect her to do that, you should trim or shave, definitely. It's different with each girl, though, so I think you should keep it neat and not like a forest and then ask the girl you are with.

  • I like my man hairy.

  • See the thing is. If its long, it will catch everything in it. If its completely shaved. Well you'll look like your 10 again. And if if its short like a half and inch to an inch its better. Plus it will make you "manhood" not look so much like hippy.

  • Trimmed

  • Manscaping ... but don't get rid of everything, little boys are not sexy


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  • Hey bro, go with the manscaping.