Do girls like guys dicks to be hairy, trimmed or shaved??

I'm wondering because some girls say that its hot for a guys dick to be hairy and some say its nasty? Can you give me your HONEST opinion?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Reasonable amounts of hair are necessary. I mean, a) it'd just be WEIRD to be completely hairless down there, and b) if you don't keep that shaved compulsively, it'll be scratchy for you and the girl.

    The only hair-related complaints I've had are with shedding. It's natural, yes. But if I'm going down on a guy, I hate it when I get a piece of hair stuck in my mouth. And it kind of ruins the moment if I stop to try to fish it out. If my hair is down, I have enough trouble keeping it out of my mouth while I'm occupied.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I share this video about women's preferences regarding men's hair (face, chest, penis). Some like us hairy, some trimmed, some shaved. So you'll have to ask your next girlfriend as well ;)