Why do guys like to touch their misses when they're asleep

I have been with my partner for 4 years and just recently broke up with him because I called him a dirty dog as what he had done to me whilst I was asleep He says he loves me ,well I gather he doesn't love me if he sexual abuses me while I was sleeping. I have totally lost interest in him, but how can I lose complete contact with him when I have his 10 months old baby, it's just so sad that he calls it love. Please help I'm hurting for answers!


Most Helpful Guy

  • You never loved him to begin with. You got your feelings hurt because you felt violated because you were not aware of what he did to you and this left you feeling insecure and helpless. This made you feel you were not in control and you hate control as many people do but in your case you should be bonded to your master in all things such as subjection to his will as the husband rules the woman's body according to God. It is possible he felt love for you that you did not give him in return and when he reached out for this love from you he was again rejected in a more horrible manner and now he lost you forever. Had you reacted differently and reached out and offered him affection back then your whole world and his would be together now instead of how you wanted it to be which is what is it now. He is not the sick one here or the dirty dog. You became the dirt when you could not accept love. Abuse is when someone is hurting you to the point of cruelty and then you can call it quits but when someone wants to make love to you which is your duty and you reject them then you are the wrong one. I say there is no sexual abuse by him but rejection of sex by you and this was his reason for wanting to reach out and touch you as you never reached out and touched him. You are frigid and closed minded and this is one of the prime causes of divorce and ill content or unhappiness in marriages which leads to adultery in the meantime. Sex should be a happy and meaningful occasion in a marriage where both enjoy each others body to the fullest. Unhappy sex is unhappy life and it makes one sick of the other if they do not each want each other in that manner. It takes two, ever heard of that? So, you are not meant to be with him or any one else if you continue to be the way your are. A husband wants his wife to be happy and love him and give him the best attention and this includes giving him the best sex he could ever need. Show that man love and show that man you need him in your life at all times. That makes a man successful and makes a solid family that will always keep together. Be happy if someone reaches out and wants you. It is better to be wanted than rejected!