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Hairy Vaginas or Hairless Vaginas?

Hairy Vaginas or Hairless Vaginas? Hairy, not so hairy, or hairless? Does it matter?

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  • Bare is my preference, but I'm okay with a bit of hair on top.

  • I like hairless but well trimmed works too. I just want to be able to see what I'm getting into.

  • young guys, im 19, like hairless. older guys like natural it seems

  • Hairy, very hairy, not so hairy, or hairless...All the same to me.

  • Not so hairy. It only matters when it looks like buckwheat in a leg lock.

  • Hairless

  • Doesn't matter to me, I probably prefer them natural and hairy to be honest, its very womanly and hair grows there for a reason. Its for the women to decide what she feels most comfortable with but really a women should never be in a situation where she shaves because she believes its what others expect of her.

  • I love hairy pussy

  • hairy please!!! pussy hair is going to end up with the rest of the extinct things in the museum. lol

  • Most people don't care But a lot of guys rather it be hairless. Like me,I have no hair so I expect the same from my girl.

  • hairy is sexy for me

  • I prefer a full bush. Like the visual as well as feeling when giving oral.

  • Hairy, trimmed, but love the hairy ***hole.

  • Keep it natural, but trim the stray hair off the inner thighs. I woman looks so much sexier with a full bush.

    • A* woman...

  • Personally... don't care.
    I find girls are really picky with how guys look. But I think most guys don't really care much.

  • trimmed or completely bare

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