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Is 36DD cup a breast nice size?

girls and guys

i want to know if its big or small

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  • usually a girl with that size breasts is overweight and a lot of her breasts is just fat. BUT I'm not saying all girls with that size or higher are, so girls don't get mad that me. when a girl starts to lose weight the first place she'll lose it from is her breasts, which is a reason many girls opt to not lose weight... stupid reason, but true.

    • Lolz...wots ur size

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    • Omg... I said that not all girls are overweight with this breast size. before getting bent out of shape, read what's being said.

    • I'm a 34DD or a 36D depending on the store and my breasts are the last place to lose fat. It all just depends on the girl I guess.

  • i am a 34-36 E, and my boyfriend thinks my boobs are perfect, I don't feel that big as the rest of my family are very large, my mum is a 38gg, my cousin is a 32gg and one of my aunties is a 40JJ so . . . . . . yeah lol

  • The number reffers to theback size, and although 36 isn't that big, DD's won't look as big on 36 than they would on a 32, It just depends how they are, i.e. perky, matching body size etc

    • Basically if she's larger/ rounder they might not look as big as they might be lost but if she's a smaller girl then yes that's big, boobs can be massive on one person and on another look small

    • But the cup size changes slightly with every back size, so a girl who's a 32dd would actually have smaller boobs than one with 36dd etc, that's why you can substitute your bra size with one cup size smaller and one back size bigger, because it equats to the same size pretty much, e.g if you were a 36dd, you could wear a 38d

  • its big! it goes AA, A, B, C, D, DD, E, F, G! 36 is the waist. so she will be curvey

    • I don't get u..

    • Huh? Who buys your bras?

      DD is the cup size, but 36 is not the waist. It is based on the measurement around the body and ribcage, underneath the breasts. Do an internet search, and you'll find how to measure.

    • Ur too hot baby..wish I cud bang u

  • i like it round 4 times a day if possible

    • Same like me I like up to 5 a day with hot female

    • But why so many times

  • That would be pretty big. Although it depends on the girl too. If she is small framed they are going to look much bigger on her then if she was larger framed.

  • i don't think there is a way. you just have to trust if he says he is.

  • I like it at least once a day.

  • depends on my mood, but I'll say around twice a day.

  • hahaha, I love how all the girls are like. "NO IT'S NOT NICE! I wish my boobies were big and pretty *cry*"

  • 0 times

  • Depends on how horny I am.

  • I personally like it as much as possible but it varies for everyone. Some people only like it once every few days.

  • twice, three times?

  • My band size is actually 34 DDD but since most stores don't carry that size, I go with a 36 DD, so & they are natural. Everyones body is different.

    • ru happy with your size?

  • it depends on her sex drive. I have a high sex drive . so for me it could b a couple times a day.

What Guys Said 5

  • I think the average guy would like sex once or twice a day, depending on how horny the fellow is. The younger the guy is, the better the sex drive. Although there are some older men who are just as active.

  • once or twice pour moi, I like it in the late morning and middle of the night...or just once from the late morning until the middle of the night. whatever works :)

  • Ask him. They're usually pretty open about it.

  • why do you wanna find out if a guy is a virgin?

    kinda weird thing to be asking another guy

    but if your wondering how girls can find out

    usually if he lasts about 10 secs it means he

    is a virgin

  • I'd say I'll like it once or twice a day, although in early days of meeting someone I could happily be on it up to 4 times if my partner was keen.

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