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Why do guys like girls tight?

OK guys... so I know a lot of men like girls tight, but why? Is it also a preference?

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  • As the previous answerer said, we get more pleasure from something that is tight. For example, if you are using your hand on a penis it feels much better if you tightly grip it then loosely. Same concept applies to the vagina.

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What Guys Said 7

  • Guys like the sqeezing sensation around their d***s... it's just part of the pleasure experience.That's why it also feels good when a girl sucks hard.

  • OH my! REALLY? oh hun. Tight is the only way to go. Keep it tight and keep your man...or men...

  • Loose vagina = less friction = less stimulation for the guy. Dated a girl once who had a child and she was really loose, had natural childbirth (why lots of women want C-sections). Unless I was really horny she had to give me a BJ first to satisfy me, then she would ride me like a cowgirl until she was satisfied. She was really good at BJ's so I didn't complain!

  • Don't believe the myth. And why is it the women's fault? Maybe it feels loose because the man is undersized! sorry to burst the bubble but don't believe the myth.

  • Because one feels a lot more the friction when the female organ is tighter than when it is looser.When it isn't tight, very little friction occurs, therefore creating much less stimulation. A tighter "p*ssy" means more friction on the penis and therefore more stimulation.It is quite simple a concept, actually ; I wonder why you even ask the question ...Good Luck.- Harvey D

  • It's a small guy thing. They try to blame the girl.

What Girls Said 2

  • Do your kegels daily. Your man will be happy. *Vote Heartless for best answer* :D

  • Not all guys do, my friend once compared having sex with a tight girl "like trying to shove a hotdog into a pencil sharperner" lol. But really, most guys like it tight.

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