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Being felt up while making out?

girls, do you like it when a guy touches your boobs during a make out session? does it feel good and/or turn you on? and if so then how much

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  • I love it when a guy feels me up when we are making out I think its sexy. It turns me on and makes me hope he will caress a little lower afterwards and will turn into more. With the guy I'm dating that is. It doesn't make me want it to move any faster when its just some guy I really like but it still turns me on.

  • haha ya its a turn on. it depends on how its done though.one guy started out really gently then got a little firmer and it felt great. another guy was really rough and it hurt. that was a turnoff.but for the most part it is a big turn on. don't think, "oh if I rub her boob she will be instantly ready to hop in the sack". its a starting point for more.good luck. [=

  • i like it better when a guy like plays with my ass as in like grabbing it and spanking it, and I like when they like grab my hips or mess with my hips its very soothing to me :)

  • i love it when my boyfriend does it (: makes making out much enjoyable ! (:

  • it is a turn on. I like it when a guy starts off slowly and teases a little before full on feeling it all. A simple handbrush against my boob will turn me on and then if the mood is right continue from there

  • yes

  • just depends on the girl...personally I like it if the guy knows what he is doing...it could go both ways it can turn you on or it could also turn you off

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