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Are strippers free of STD's?

I have been to this strip club a few times and every time I go these girls go upstairs with these guys (when they go upstairs its to have sex). Now... Show More

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  • Where I'm from, prostitution is illegal ... If its the same where you're from, then I wouldn't hedge my bets on them being required to get checked. I'm assuming there may also be illegal drug activity going on, which can also spread diseases depending on the method. Also, just because they use condoms on the job ... Can you imagine what people who have sex for money do in their spare time? I've known a few normal strippers and they seemed, well fairly normal as far as dating and such, but taking men upstairs to have sex isn't something every stripper does. That's being a hooker, regardless if it takes place in the strip club as opposed to the street.

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  • I doubt they get checked. The guy is running an illegal whorehouse, do you really think he's going to bother making sure they get checked for STDs? I suppose some of them are clean, but I'm sure that girls in this line of work have a much higher than average instance of STDs.

    BTW, what town are you in? I've never heard of anything so blatant going on where I live.

  • It's illegial where I live and imagine that in most places there is a very high chance they hav stds

  • I think if the club's above board and they use condoms then they would have to have regualr sti checks, however it's it's really seedy and gross then who knows what they could have

  • basically these women are prostitutes who sleep with any guy who has the right price. btw it is illegal, a lotta clubs have some strippers that do "extras" but it isn't legal. women who resort to that are usually and statistically on some type drug anyway. a lotta these strippers especially the ones who turn tricks are cokeheads. the person running the club doesn't care as long as they don't get caught, and those women are nasty and don't really care who they f***. in all likely hood they are heavy candidates for STDs. if you sleep with one don't be surprised if you get a disease

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  • What they're doing is illegal in most of the US, so here, most owners and managers care. Some fire a girl on the spot, others demand a large cut of her revenue.

    Negotiations would be very, very careful and elliptical, in case one of them is a cop; a bust can get a club raided and shut down. If you've ever seen a pro work a hotel bar or a nightclub, the rhythm is similar.

    Is she getting checked? If she feels like it, if she cares. You take your chances, there.

    P.S.: If you care about cleanliness, hire a real pro. They're usually cheaper than strippers, since they don't have the (very substantial) overhead costs of tipping out a club.

  • If they are having sex, it's not a strip club.

  • if they're doing something technically illegal then it would be natural to presume that they're less bothered about having rules.

  • No there not free of stds this isn't a brothel in nevada where theyre required to get checked I know a guy who got hpv from doing that and the ahole gave it to his GF. There as clean as the girls working the street corner

  • Dude the strippers that let you f*** them are not clean. Seriously, don't mess with that. Not worth it

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