Are strippers free of STD's?

I have been to this strip club a few times and every time I go these girls go upstairs with these guys (when they go upstairs its to have sex). Now I've seen the same girl go up a few times, I know they use condoms. But how do they start it off do they give head first then they have sex. Well my question is are strippers clean as in free of diseases, do they get checked? Or does the person running the club not care and just let them do it anyway?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Where I'm from, prostitution is illegal ... If its the same where you're from, then I wouldn't hedge my bets on them being required to get checked. I'm assuming there may also be illegal drug activity going on, which can also spread diseases depending on the method. Also, just because they use condoms on the job ... Can you imagine what people who have sex for money do in their spare time? I've known a few normal strippers and they seemed, well fairly normal as far as dating and such, but taking men upstairs to have sex isn't something every stripper does. That's being a hooker, regardless if it takes place in the strip club as opposed to the street.