Girls do you look at guys' feet for sexual preference?

Girls' feet is very very important when it comes to sexual preference, if you don't have pretty and feminine feet,I will be turned off.

I know this is feet fetish,but I am enjoying it.

Girls' breasts,butts etc are not so important to me.

If I go to know a girl,at the end I will definitely look at her feet.

Do you girls look at guys' feet for sexual preference?

What kind of feet you like?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I like girls with small feet, maybe a little chubby (if you get what I mean, not very thin and boney looking) I don't like nail painting on her feet, don't know why I probably think its tacky or something lol, plain nail polish or none is fine so long as they are clean cut and neat, and definately no dry skin...