What is the toilet paper roll test?

I know it has something to do with penis size...is it a good gauge for a large penis? I heard my guy friends talking about it but none would give details?


im curious to hear what women might think...now that I know what it is...to me a penis that doesn't fit in a standard toilet paper roll is on the thicker side...i am not that experienced, but what do girls think? Is that a thick penis?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I think a more definitive answer for you might be in just having some more experience...and seeing and experiencing more penises and see how they feel to you...How you do that is up to you...and I am sure you are very discreet

    One thing you might do to satisfy your curiosity...is to look at the huge amount of porn that is available: for example on "Lobstertube.com" and I have looked at a lot of porn there and it is a relatively 'safe" site...but just do NOT download any suggested Player software...and if you have VLC Media Player...you should be able to view anything there.

    Watch different type of porn on that site and you will see a bigger picture of the large variety of penis sizes on the men you see there...From what I see, the black men really have the largest penis by far...length and girth...some are just huge...but there are also many, many men that in the 'norm' of size that you might expect to see in a 'normal' boyfriend.

    I would recommend the later course of action for seeing a lot of erect penises...

    Hope that helps.