'How many strokes does it take to get to the center of ' an orgasm?

Really, was wondering approximately how many times you typically move in & out before climaxing?

Count next time & respond anonymously.

Sorry if I offended anyone.. the joke was a take off from a tootsie pop commercial- From the 80's . Just came out that way... The reason I was asking is, I have never had sex, & I just wondered how many times you have to stroke before you finish.


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  • It depends really. I remember one girlfriend where I simply touched my d*** to her puss and she orgasmed. I also remember one girl that took A LOT of sex and clit stimulation for her to FINALLY orgasm. There is no set number, because no girl is the same. However I've only had 2 girls actually orgasm strictly from me stroking in and out alone. The other girls required me to stimulate them almost throughout the sex. I'm actually quite certain judging from trying to finger 5 of them to an orgasm that many girls don't even have a G-spot. I hope that helped.

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      .... Is it destracting to have to stimulate them & have regular intercourse? Also , how do you support you body if you are using your hands on as well.. Actually, I alway wondered how guys keep themselves propped up while using there hands on girls, when they are lying on top of them.

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      Well obviously you need to work out to hold your body up with one arm effectively. However having to stimulate a girl is just something well expected lol. Most guys know girls need that kind of stimulation to get full pleasure. Despite girls can do it on their own it's just like a handjob for guys. It feels better being stimulated from a hand not of your own body lol. The difference is very obvious. Again I hope this helped.