How do you tell your partner you have chlamydia?

how would you tell your partner (boy) you got chlamydia from them? and how would you react?

let me say that I'm very calm person and I'm a lover not a fighter, consider me pathetic


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  • You got chlamydia from your boyfriend and you're worried about how he'll react? Am I missing something? WTF, why aren't you p*ssed?

    I go to great measures to protect my partners; so, I'm just going to say it's pretty much a given that I would not give my partner a STD. Now, if I found out she gave me an STD, before I told my ex-girlfriend anything, I'd first report her to the public health authority; so, she would have to give names of all the people she may have infected. After that was finished, I'd tell her thanks for the clap you filthy tramp; I just hope the STDs end with the antibiotics. I'd also let her know in not so kind words that she would never have another chance to give me a STD, and that we could not continue being friends.

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      Well what if he didn't know he had it?

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      I'm not trying to scare you. I want you to get an HIV test in 3 months and another in 7 months. You're not in the HIV clear just yet. It could take 7 months for your body to build up enough HIV antibody to get a true negitive test. Please, do this.

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      Yeah, I was planning on it. Thank you