Bum Hole Licking

My boyfriend wants to lick my bum hole but I don't want him to, I told him I'd let him lick mine if he let me lick his but he said no. Why won't he let me lick his if he wants to lick mine and do you think this is gross or it's just another natural sex experiment?

Also I read so many places that guys love it if a girl fingers their ass a little. Guys, is this true? If so why is my boyfriend so shy about it and why won't he let me do it?

23rd of July:

Well we did it on the weekend and it was fine. A perfectly natural thing that really made him happy and bought us just that little bit closer together.

As for mz anonymous who is going on about the sick puppies and hurting children, I think your the sick one for thinking of children when reading my question!!! Considering it has nothing to do with children. Maybe you should ask your doctor why you thought of such things when reading my question...


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  • If you don't want him to lick you down there, then tell him plain and simple you don't like it. But also note that this will put a minus sign on to your grade card. Over time, that minus might be neturalized by something else you can offer to the relationship but he will always be curious about it and will eventually find it whether with you or someone else. I'd say let him try it if he really wants to.

    And for the other part of your question; the male g-spot is a few inches into the anus and as a result some guys like to be fingered as they are ready to ejaculate. He might just be embarrased to try it.


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  • I am going to answer this despite the addendum on the 23rd. If your significant other wants to do something because they want to and if it isn't painful physically, why would you say no. Even if you didn't care for it, if it turns him on then likely it will turn you on just because it turns him on.

    I have no idea why he said no at first to you licking his. I have only had this happen to me once in my history. One girl I was dating just told me to bend over and she gave me a rimjob one day. I became hard right away. This is probably the most erotic memory I have...sure it felt good but her interest probably turned me on more than the act. She didn't care for that being done to her so I have never given a rimjob in my history.

    And yes, any sexually open guy enjoys a little assplay with a finger. It feels great, but only on the outside to just inside, I don't care for anything in more than one inch.

    Glad to see in your addendum it worked out for the better. I would have predicted this.

  • Well I don't know how common it is, but as long as the two of you are clean back there, there's no harm in trying it.

  • Well I am glad you feel closer cause that's exactly what it means. That takes a lot of trust to let someone do that to you unless your a porn star and you do it for money.

    Different strokes for different folks! I have on occasion licked a girls @ss just out of passion and heat of the moment. Depends on how much I like the girl.

  • Licking my girlfriend's asshole is the best pleasure I have during sex. She loves it! I surely would like to try it on some chubby white chick with large butts. Sometimes I do admire my neighbour, she is juicy. If my girlfiend likes it, I would want to do it after she poops. So, any chick(s) who want(s) a good lick of their brown hole, get me at michaelhayden@ymail.com . I am a guy who is switched on with the butt of the lady, 20-60 yrs, as long as it is still tight and I love seeing girls releasing those big fat turds.

  • I know the question is over a year old.but I had to ask if he let you do it back to him? If so.what did he think. I've always been a little curious about having mine licked, but would never have the guts to ask for it. Not much for the idea of penetration, but I love to have it rubbed and played with back there.so I figured a tongue would feel incredible. Just curious.

  • Dude, personally a girl figuring me in the butt would get me just that!

    he's just shy or an odd fellow


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  • Okay, well I've gone through the same thing honestly exactly the same thing. My advice is to try it so you two will know how it feels. Then if you like it continue with it. It's not gross only if one of you isn't clean which I'd assmuse you both are. It actually feels good and yes fingering a girl's bum hole feels good. It's reverse psychology when you try to finger their's believe me, men think it's gay don't know why but that's what they think.

  • I don't know about you but I think it is really hot. I know it feels really good and I love to have mine licked and love licking hers as well.

  • It may be for the best, who knows you may only be licking shit, literally.

  • I see that your question is pretty old so I'm sure that by now you have it all figured out, but let me throw my two cents in. My husband and I both do this to each other. Not regularly, but on occasion. The only unspoken rule is that we only do it when a shower has taken place in the very close past to our actions. This should probably not been done at the end of the day when showers were taken in the morning if you get my drift. As for if it's normal that guys like to be fingered in the ass, I have no idea. Just because my husnad likes it doesn't mean that all guys do. I can only offer an educated guess though as to why most guys won't admit it if they do like it. They think that if they admit to liking it, they must be gay. I can tell you that my husband loves it and he couldn't be any further from gay. There is a far cry from one finger on a female hand to a penis on a male body! Hope you and your boyfriend are having lots of bum fun!

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    • Ummm are you sure you are between 36 and 45? This post is a sexuality post, anything goes here. I don't think someone licking their loved ones anus would suddenly turn into a pedophile... really...think before you write please and thank you.

    • Ladies hide your children! Sounds to me like this chick is a perverted school bus chaser. Do you get all hot at a toys r us? Because who the hell said anything about kids?

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  • I think that is gros I would say neither one of you should do it to each other.