Bum Hole Licking

My boyfriend wants to lick my bum hole but I don't want him to, I told him I'd let him lick mine if he let me lick his but he said no. Why won't he let me lick his if he wants to lick mine and do you think this is gross or it's just another natural sex experiment?

Also I read so many places that guys love it if a girl fingers their ass a little. Guys, is this true? If so why is my boyfriend so shy about it and why won't he let me do it?

23rd of July:

Well we did it on the weekend and it was fine. A perfectly natural thing that really made him happy and bought us just that little bit closer together.

As for mz anonymous who is going on about the sick puppies and hurting children, I think your the sick one for thinking of children when reading my question!!! Considering it has nothing to do with children. Maybe you should ask your doctor why you thought of such things when reading my question...


Most Helpful Guy

  • If you don't want him to lick you down there, then tell him plain and simple you don't like it. But also note that this will put a minus sign on to your grade card. Over time, that minus might be neturalized by something else you can offer to the relationship but he will always be curious about it and will eventually find it whether with you or someone else. I'd say let him try it if he really wants to.

    And for the other part of your question; the male g-spot is a few inches into the anus and as a result some guys like to be fingered as they are ready to ejaculate. He might just be embarrased to try it.