Does the back of your thong or g string sticking out a little "by mistake" tun a guy on?

AND for girls, how can you let it show without making it look really obvious that your trying to show it?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I really don't like it sticking out the top of jeans or w/e. It doesn't turn me on. What does turn me on is getting a chance to peek at her undies when she sits in a short skirt. Now that's what I call getting turn on. Lol! Maybe because I think sometimes girls don't realize it shows some times, and some times they do know but let it be. But to purposely open their legs wider than what's modest I wouldn't like. It's just sexy as heck when a girl crosses her legs or sits down and suddenly you get a peek at her very colorful undies cause he skirt is so short, especially those stringy hemmed jean ones that are soo hott!