Guys: getting her wet from just kissing?

making out with your girl. then you start fingering her. but just as you begin to finger her, you realize she's already pretty wet from the kissing.

guys don't find that weird? does it make the girl seem like she's just really inexperienced? that barely anything will get her excited?

or do guys just get really happy knowing that they've already gotten their girl wet?


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  • The fact of the matter is the biggest sex organ you have isn't between your legs but rather quite a bit higher. If I'm kissing a girl and she is getting wet I find this flattering as well as exciting as it indicates that she is comfortable with me, likes what I'm doing and is anticipating more, so in this sense I find it very erotic as well as flattering, the wetter she is the more excited I get, as I am a big giver in the intimate department, in that the more pleasure I give her the better I feel.

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  • Some girls are like that. I've known girls who didn't need sex if you kissed them right.

  • What if I asked this question:

    Girls: getting him hard from just kissing?

    It's not really a big deal, right? Arousal is the goal of that activity after all.

    • I know, I was jw because I hear a lot about how guys don't want to lose it too fast with someone because then they think that the other person will think theyre just inexperienced. so I wondered if it was the same way around, you know?

  • Second one.

    If you get excited pretty easily, that's a big plus, not a minus. I don't think that a single male in this website would think that it is bad to get excited from small things. I mean it. You're pretty lucky. Some females have problems even in getting excited.

    • Awesome to hear thanks! :)

  • No, it's not weird; it's normal. No, it doesn't mean she's inexperienced. Going from making out with clothes on, her pants don't come off until I feel "a fever" between her legs. I wouldn't say it makes me happy; I use it as more of an indication of when to proceed.

    The only time I use my fingers is to lightly touch and tease. It's not that her vagina is too dirty to put my fingers; my face will probably be down there at some point.

  • Nope its not weird at all. Just means you are hot for him. It turns a guy on if a girl just simply says she is wet.

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What Girls Said 5

  • Not at all as it is very normal to get sexually excited from kissing someone you very much care about sexually.

  • When my boyfriend and I first started going out I used to get wet from just being around him- no kissing necessary. I told him a couple of weeks ago and he got hard nearly instantly, it was that big a compliment

    • Wow really?

      ha the same thing happens with me. he just gets me so turned on without hardly even trying!!

      i should let him know that too :)

    • D*MN really?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    • Yeah really- I was quite surprised because he's been my first for everything (except kissing) so I was expecting it to be more difficult to get going. Apparently 19 years of Virginity was enough lol. That being said the first time he fingered me I was so nervous he was just like 'umm babe, you're not wet' lol I was mortified- couldn't believe after months of be just being soaking from seeing him, holding his hand it was like the sahara down there!

  • Not weird at all if the guy knows how to kiss!

  • Exelent answer 👍🏻

  • i get wet even for the simplest things like when he kisses my hand, put his hands on my waist while we're walking at the mall, etc hahahaha its funny.. I havnt told him but I've heard that getting wet turns men on! :)