He literally can't keep his hands off of me?

Is it normal for a girl's boyfriend to touch her in all of her private places whenever he wants to? It seems like whenever my boyfriend and I are alone together, he'll just grab my breasts, my butt, or reach "down there" all the time. We have sex every time we see each other just about, and I do enjoy it, but I still don't know if it's okay for him to just keep touching me like that all the time. Sometimes I feel like he treats me more like a possession that he can do whatever he wants with than a person. I don't know if I'm making a big deal out of this or not, or if this is normal, as he is the first boyfriend I ever had, and I gave him my first kiss and everything just about... I don't have any past dating experience or anything to actually know the answer to this or not.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Yes and No. Let me explain:

    Yes, its normal for a guy to want to touch you and play with you a lot (every guy wishes for unrestricted access, very few get it).

    No, it shouldn't be whenever he wants (and there's good reasons).

    It should be a mutual agreement thing. There will be times when you don't want to be toyed with and possibly vice versa.

    Its a nice thing that you let your guy "do with you as he wishes" and it will be very sexy for the guy. Also, it is nice to allow someone complete access to all that is you.

    However, it might lead to it also quickly becomming boring which might be an issue. No matter how sexy a person, if a guy is "over sexed" he loses some appriciation for the partner (though, this can happen for under sexed too, its a bit of a tightrope sometimes.. but love is the balancing pole). Not in any nasty way, its the same as if you are allowed to eat as much chocolate as you like, chocolate loses its appeal.. where as, if it is somewhat "restricted" (but not overly) it gains more desirablity (basic psycology).

    You need to decide for yourself where to put your boundaries and a good place to start is how you would feel if he rejected you access to his body and at what times you would accept this.

    Talk it out together. In a way it will be hard to change things because after having unrestricted access, taking any priviledge away will really test how much he wants you as a person (beyond the sexual) and therefore the relationship. However, its probably a good thing to test because you need him to love you for you as well as your body.