What does giving head mean to girls?

I'm curious do you daydream about doing it to a guy you like? What does it mean to you in terms of a relationship, is it something you enjoy, how do you feel about guys asking for it?


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  • i wouldn't say I particularly daydream about it...but I definitely think about. in terms of a relationship, I wouldn't say I needed to be in one to give head...i've given head to guys on one night stands because sometimes it just happens. giving head can be a pleasant or not so pleasant experience...for me personally its not something I necessarily enjoy doing but I don't have a problem doing it. I've never had a guy ask me to give him head it always just happens. I think it would be kind of awkward to be asked to give someone head...just my opinion though.

    • Indeed it would! Totally preposterous in fact.

      Ahh--- excuse me miss, would you be -- ahh -- interested in -- ahh -- performing fellatio on --- ahh -- me? N-no? Oh ok. Sorry for asking!


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  • Don't have a problem with it if it's a guy I really like. It can be fun because I love the way he reacts. I hate being asked though, it totally ruins everything and makes me not want to do it at all.

  • Honestly, I don't think it means all that much. It's a great alternative to having full on sex. Guys love it. It's fun. If a guy is hot and I like him then it's a real turn on for me, I like his reactions when I'm doing it and don't feel pressured into doing more.

  • I can't admit to desire another man sexually although I have. but in terms of relationships I do it because I i love him so dearly. We're 3 years in, committed, no break-ups. He's my first and possibly my last so when I'm giving him head its an outward expression of how much I trust him, so I will submit willingly asked or not. I don't mind him asking. It's a turn on to me. It means he needs me. He could go masturbate but he NEEDS me instead. Sucking is something I really enjoy doing. We as women are ACTUALLY the ones in control when we give head. WE control how fast, how long, how deep, how wet, how hard we suck, and most of all we determine level of orgasm. And I'm heated every second of it. Male moans are sexy, male tears of pleasure are sexier.

    • I agree that's why I love eating out so much. What can be more fun than watching a woman squirm wiggle moan push down on your head and beg you not to stop. female moans, getter me harder than anything else

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