Am I stupid for grabbing my best friend's girlfriend's butt during my sophomore year?

am I really stupid for grabbing my best friend zeck's girlfriends ass during my sophomore year?


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  • Only in the right context. If you're in a public place, no. But if you're watching a movie with her on the couch, go for it.

    • Ok, but was if she was like about to curl up on the couch and her butt is sticking out, should I just stick my hand out and grab her squishy butt?

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  • well he probably won't like you for a while or a long while for doing that. until then, refrain from doing that.

  • yes

  • YES! Not only would that offend her but also might her your friend mad at you!

  • Well boii it depends how good of friends ur if you guys just became friends thaan no! but if you hve been friends for a while theen mayb if you best friends suure...

    • Well its just that her butt looked soooo hot today jiggling back and forth and I've known her since freshmen year or last year. I really wanna grab or squeeze her squishy butt.

    • Ohh..well its just why would you wanna ruin a friendship with this guy over a girl's butt?

  • Time to move on...

  • just a little

    • It wasent my fault though. my friend sarah anderson grabbed my hand and made my hand grab jessica jones's butt. my hand grabbed both of her butt cheeks.

    • Well then that's different explain that to her

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  • If she likes it you're awesome. If she doesn't you are beyond redemption.

    • I think she might like me grabbing her squishy butt cause I did the same to my other chick friend riley fritz when she wore her black tight jogging pants and her butt jiggled and I grabbed her squishy butt.

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    • I will man. so I wanted to ask you if it is a good idea for me to walk behind her if she is at my house wearing her gray tight jogging pants and her butt is jiggling back and forth and I go up behind her and I either grab or squeeze her squishy butt.

    • Sure why not.

  • Were they dating at the time?

    If the answer is "yes", then yes.

    If the answer is "no", then no.

    • Well I don't think so cause my best chick friend jessica jones, the girl I ass grabbed, was dating my best tyler thompson, so no they weren't dating at the time.

    • If it happened so long ago, why does it matter?

    • I dunno. it just happened I guess.