Why does he keep tabs on me?

If you are just booty call. Is it normal for a guy to keep tabs on you. For instance this guy told me he went to my house to see me and my roommate answered and said I wasn't there when really I was. To see if maybe I was lying or sneaking out. But I didn't fall for his trap. Why does he care if he is getting what he wants.? We are not emotionally involved


Most Helpful Guy

  • Apparently only one of you was not emotionally involved. Either that or someone made a lasting impression in that booty call, lol! He definitely wants you to himself. I would ask him about the visit. Say like my roommate said you stopped by, did you need something. Based on his response and reaction, you can gauge how he feels about you. If he is taking it past booty call then I would cut the cords and not do much with him. Be forward with him or he is not going to get the picture. Booty call equals no drama. The minute it has drama then the booty call has been violated.