He likes seeing guys penetrate me? but wouldn't have sex with another girl? Why?

My boyfriend said he could never see himself having intercourse with another girl because he loves me a lot. But 3 months ago we had a 3sum with a guy and he got turned on seeing me banged and wouldn't mind doing this again. Can someone explain?


Most Helpful Guy

  • The reason he wouldn't have sex with another girl is because you're the only one he wants and the only one he wants to pleasure. He gets off on YOU so you should be thankful for that because you've very lucky. Obviously, he also likes to see you pleasured by another guy sometime to see how much you enjoy the variety and how the other guy pleasures you. It's not all that bad that he doesn't get jealous of you. I've read often where a lot of men get turned on knowing or seeing their gf's/wives get attention by other men. It makes them proud that they belong to them at the end of the day. They like to see how much their girls enjoy getting pleasured by another guy as well as how much she pleasures him at the same time. I think that can be a huge turn-on. You're also very lucky that he's not a jealous boyfriend because some guys even get jealous on little things like when their girls dress really hot when they know other guys will be around. My girlfriend told me girls like to look and feel hot even when in the presence of other guys and having a boyfriend doesn't change that. If you really enjoyed the 3-some yourself, and it appears the extra guy was for just for you, that means neither are gay. If you want to enjoy that again sometime when your bf's in the mood, then why not? It all has to do with getting enjoyment and no one is getting hurt.