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Should I let my boyfriend touch my breast?

We are together for like 1 year and few months, and just recently he asked me if he could touch my breast? - he said he would only touch, because he... Show More

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  • I don't understand why this is a big deal. I've been dating my boyfriend for six months and I let him squeeze and caress my breasts, lick and suck my nipples, finger me while I suck his cock, f*** me silly in any position, f*** my ass, lick my p**** and combinations of and some more kinky things that I feel may be too much for your ears.

    VERDICT: You are either-

    lying about your age.

    extremely sexually repressed.

    Usually I would say in similar but less extremely prudish situations for you to only do what makes you comfortable and take your time. But frankly, you need a good f***. Therefore, go for it hun. Start slow but FOR GODS SAKE START.

    Also, if you are twelve, don't let any boys touch your boobies till you're at least 15.

What Guys Said 2

  • I think by this point you should let him touch your breast, and even your p****, by this point. You should even be letting him kiss and lick your p****. So I would say let him.

  • absolutely not. you will grow hair on your palms and grow up to be a bag lady if you do this horrible thing.

    Ok, that was sarcasm. Go for it. Harmless fun, you can't get pregnant or an STD from a grope.

What Girls Said 4

  • My Dear,

    Do what you are comfortable with.

    Don't rush it if you are not ready.

    At the end it is your body and it is your choice.

  • yall have been togehter a year and are still awkard around each other like that? damn.. if you feel comfortable about it then let him..

  • my boyfriend likes to suck on my breasts. he is infatuated with them. I take it as a compliment. and typically, things heat up and I end up on top of him kissing him with his hand in my pants or me grinding on his groin. it can be fun. you should let him.

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