Do women enjoy watching (or fantasize about) men mud or oil wrestling?

Occasionally I have been in conversations with workmates about Pro-Wrestling or MMA on TV. Often, the convo shifts towards female mud, oil or jello wrestling and the women roll their eyes and laugh. But would they want to see the male version of that and just feel inhibited about expressing their interest?

I once took a software training class with a very young and attractive female instructor that was recently engaged. Before the class started, some of us were discussing TV commercials and how far they had come. Of course, the famous Miller Lite Cat Fight came up (ok, I brought it up). The instructor immediately turned to the female students in the class and asked::"Guys should mud wrestle, right? Dang, I would love to see two men in the mud!" She seemed to have agreement from those females. Hell, maybe she was thinking out loud about her bachelorette party!

So Ladies, feel free to weigh in on this! And thanks!


Most Helpful Girl

  • Jason Statham fighting shirtless while covered in oil in The Transporter was overdone, not hot.