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Do women enjoy watching (or fantasize about) men mud or oil wrestling?

Occasionally I have been in conversations with workmates about Pro-Wrestling or MMA on TV. Often, the convo shifts towards female mud, oil or jello... Show More

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  • Jason Statham fighting shirtless while covered in oil in The Transporter was overdone, not hot.

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  • nahhh, hasn't ever crossed my mind, but now that it does, there is a 0 turn on. haha.

  • I have never seen it, but it doesn`t sound very wonderful to me.

  • Nope. Hadn't ever thought about it before but it wouldn't do anything for me.

  • Men mud/oil wrestling each other is not a turn on at all to me. I like watching guys who box or do MMA because I like how tough they are but not turned on by man on man action.

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