Do guys EVER feel used by a girl?

I have often heard, "he was just using me" by girls. Also, I often hear girls tell each other that a guy was just using them. It is not a good feeling to used! My question is whether you guys out there have ever felt used by a girl? I mean more in a sexual sense...not so much if you were buying her stuff. Is it even possible for a guy to feel used for sex or do guys just love it too much to feel used?

The scenario is that this guy & I had crushes on each other but we were both in other relationships. We ended up having a 3 month fling. We never had sex but got to third base (is that the right term?) but ended it the same day that happened because we were both feeling so guilty. I am suddenly worrying that he might feel like I used him -- just wanted to feel his d*** and then end it as I was the one that kind of ended it. That wasn't my intention but now I am worried since we are still friends. So, help me out guys. Could he feel used or is that just impossible (seems like it would be impossible from everything I read on here!)


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  • Yes, I felt pretty used with my ex-wife, she went and convinced me to move completely away from my family, cheated on me, told me she was cheating on me and wasn't going to stop, got pregnant by another guy, and then left me for him with both the kids, and only then decided about a year later that the baby daddy decided he would be a man, and then took both the boys away from me, now she is my ex (gratefully) and is collecting my child support so she can smoke. So all in all I would say yes I felt pretty used.

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  • I've felt used, but I enjoyed it.

    Remember: for some (many?) guys, a brief and purely sexual relationship is absolutely, 100% okay. We'll indulge them without hesitation, without question, and without regret.

  • omg yes I used to have girls use me for cigarettes, drugs, money, and get this revenge. Hell if something exists a girl can use a guy to get it. I remember this pregnant girl(already pregnant) feeling so p*ssed that the guy who knocked her up didn't want sex that she started hitting on me for it. Yes this pregnant girl used me for 3 months to have sex while her not so loving boyfriend didn't even have a clue. On the third month she got rid of me like I was a bad cold...

    • But did you really care for her? Did you feel used or was it just "fun" for you to have her?

    • Maybe I'm weird, but I tend to have feelings when I physically "connect" with a girl. It's hard to not have any feelings for her when I have a part of me inside her.

    • That's actually nice. Wish more guys were like you!

  • Well most guys in 2010 are still uncomfortable with this sort of thing, It's changing though. For me, it would be the highest honor to be used by a woman. I don't need proclamations of undying love, I just like to feel like I'm valuable in a sensual way.

  • Oh HELL yes!

    Ever see a guy that was tricked into getting a girl pregnant? I have known several that let a girl trick them into Ooops...

    I myself have been used by several women over the years. Took me a long time to realize that I could be led around by my pecker... and yes gentlemen, you ARE led around by your forward pointing handle whether you want to believe it or not. And if you don't think you ever have been well then, you just haven't met the one that will!

    • Lol tricked to get a girl pregnant? I remember my father telling me how he caught some girl poking holes in a condom(this is not how I was born! lol). I sometimes wonder about that if women have the urge to have children so much they would fool a guy to do it.

    • Yeah, you're right on that one. Hadn't thought of that. But, assuming there is no pregnancy, and assuming the girl isn't trying to use a guy, could the guy still walk away feeling like he was used? Like in my scenerio, I am worried he thinks I got what I wanted and then ended it. I am worried I hurt him.

  • Most dudes would be stoked that a girl wants to get into their pants, but I could definitely imagine a guy being disappointed if he thought there was a larger, more romantic aspect to the relationship when there wasn't.

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