Do guys EVER feel used by a girl?

I have often heard, "he was just using me" by girls. Also, I often hear girls tell each other that a guy was just using them. It is not a good feeling to used! My question is whether you guys out there have ever felt used by a girl? I mean more in a sexual sense...not so much if you were buying... Show More

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  • Yes, I felt pretty used with my ex-wife, she went and convinced me to move completely away from my family, cheated on me, told me she was cheating on me and wasn't going to stop, got pregnant by another guy, and then left me for him with both the kids, and only then decided about a year later that the baby daddy decided he would be a man, and then took both the boys away from me, now she is my ex (gratefully) and is collecting my child support so she can smoke. So all in all I would say yes I felt pretty used.