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How does it feel for a guy to eat you out?

does it feel good or weird?

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  • i'm sure it feel great , I hear girls like this

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  • I can't answer...since I have ever had a "guy eat me out" ? Did you mean to ask women, how it feels for a woman to have cunniligus performed on her by a guy ? If that is your question...women I have known seem to like it.

What Girls Said 3

  • It feels really good! I love it. It is even better when they play with your t*ts while licking your clit.He needs do quick licks and then some long linger ones. It drives women crazy. I wanted to wrap my legs around the guy's head when I climax.

  • oh dude it feels fn awesome :D

  • Depends... If the guy is good at it, it feels reeealllyyy good. If he sucks then it's like eh whatever feels like nothing or irratating.

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