IS it true what they say about black men?

Have you had any experiences. Did the myth help encourage you to have sex.


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  • I can not speak from personal experience but I have a Girlfriend who was with black men and she said there really is no difference. Just like the size of his hands, feet , or how tall he is won't tell you how well hung he is, the color of his skin is not a factor either.

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  • Never hurts to try a black man yourself. That way you will have your own personal opinion based on your realistic experience. As a black man, I would never discourage women from other races to have sex with us! Heheh


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  • i know its beena while since this question has been asked but, I can say for a black woman being sexually involved with several black men, its not the size of the boat its the motion of the ocean. all race has big ones, medium ones and the small ones. I must say though white men know how to use their's HANDS DOWN. so I guess I prefer white men sexually now more than anything. I mean my first love is a white guy. ironic huh?

    ...but there is one black guy that works me good too. lol

  • Yeah, I first got involved with black guys just to find out if the rumors were true or not. I was with a couple of black guys. They were all different - one guy was uncircumcised, another one had a big penis, and another one had a small one, so I guess they're all different.

  • I think it's pretty much the same as white guys. It all depends on the person. Maybe they are just more inclined to have a bigger penis. Not sure. I have only been with one black man and I was disappointed :( lol but maybe my hopes were too high. He was average and didn't last very long *sigh*

  • OH YEAH. Its true once you go black you never go back.

  • The myth is what made me curious at first. I figured that if I was gonna do it anyways, might as well do it with guys who are better at it and better equipped. I haven't seen a small d***ed black guy yet and its all been good, so yeah.

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