Stretchmarks are a Turnoff?

I'm 5'3 1/2 and 125 lbs and 18.When I was younger,i struggled with my weight,and was generally a little overweight(never obese) and when I was little,like 5/6,i was the tallest kid in the class(Yea that's not saying a lot now, I'm 5'3),and I got stretch marks when I was like 5/6.Now I have stretch marks on my hips and inner thighs.They are lighter than my natural skin tone.But I think the ones on my inner thighs are less noticeable.I'm a virgin and haven't had sex.And I'm very insecure about them.I've asked my guy friends if they are a turn off,and obviously they said yes,which I expected.And they told me whenever I have sex,just do it with the lights off.And then I asked if they are a turn off on another site(Y!A) and every guy said yea and to just turn the lights off whenever I'm intimate with someone.

So for girls,what can I do to get rid of them?I've been using Cocoa Butter(Palmers),I use the regular body lotion then the one from the jar on the stretch marks at night and in the morning.I am considering laser treatment,has anybody had it?

And guys,i don't really have a Q for you...

And not to be rude,but I don't wanna hear cliche things,like if a guy really likes you he won't care.That isn't true,and love isn't going to make the stretch marks go away.

I don't mind putting make-up on to cover them,or sex with lights off


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  • Summer of 8th grade my family moved across country and I became very depressed. I gained almost 30 pounds in 2 months and have some large, ugly stretch marks on my inner thighs. I used to be very self-conscious about it. I went to the dermatologist and asked her about possible treatments. She said there wasn't much to do. She told me I could try over the counter creams for stretch marks (that can be purchased at the pharmacy) but I never tried and I haven't had laser treatment.

    No guy I've ever been with has mentioned them. And I haven't mentioned them either. The trick, I found, was to gain self-confidence. It sounds like a terrible solution, but you need to feel comfortable with yourself and feel confident in your own skin. Confidence in a girl is a turn on for a lot of guys. So I started going to the gym. I went outside my zone of comfort and wore the shorts and the bikinis. I faced my fears, lost the weight, and gained my confidence back. That, for me, was better than any cosmetic surgery.

    Plus, the guy I'm dating now has far more scars that are much more noticeable than my stretch marks. And in the heat of things (if you know what I mean)... neither of us care about who has scars and where.

    So my simple solution? Don't make them out to be a big deal. They're scars, so what? A LOT of women have stretch marks, especially in the inner thighs, on the tummy, and on breasts. Don't mention them to a guy and don't be insecure about them and the guys (if they notice them) will brush it off and not mention them either.

    Try some confidence building, not laser treatment. You need to feel comfortable with who you are and what you look like now, rather than what the media makes the "perfect" woman looks like.

    • Ok thank you.I was just thinking of that.I was thinking if I make them a big deal,and go out of my way to make them obvious,then guys would definitely notice

    • Yes, exactly. Just don't make them out to be a big deal. THAT'S a turn off for a guy, not so much the scar itself. Don't mention them and he most likely won't either. If he does, tell him the truth, but brush it off. It's in the past and not a big deal. SO many people have them.

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  • I don't care about stretchmarks at all.

    What does bother me is any medium length hair below the shoulders. I also don't like hair on women's arms. I don't know why but huge turn off for me.

  • Stretch marks aren't bad unless they're gaping and inches thick, in my opinion. It sounds like the ones in your area won't matter... they're worse when they're on the waist and breasts for women.

    Hell, I have some stretch marks near the groin area from just plain growth I think, but you'd never know because I'm a guy.

  • They are in a common place and are light, its not a big issue. Instead of having the lights off, try dimming the light. I'd rather have the lights on with the stretch marks than lights off.

  • As a guy they wouldn't bother me. Come on how many guys have you ladies gone out with that had flawless prefect body probably none. As guys we don't fuss about our marks we actually brag about our scares form past accidents we lived through or sports injuries just to prove how manly we are. I myself have numerous scares from the past and will get a few more. When working a building trade you always seem to be getting something cut,smashed or burned. I like to joke if I go all week and don't get 1 single nick or cut on my hands I must not have worked all that hard.

  • link

    This pretty much says it all in my opinion.

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  • stretchmarks aren't uncommon at all, lots of girls have them, & even though they might make you feel self conscious I think laser treatment would be pretty extreme. If Palmers or any other over the counter treatment didn't work maybe you should see a dermatologist & have them recommend you a stronger cream.

    as far as the lights go... on any occasion dimming the lights in the bedroom is a good idea for even the best looking girls. it draws attention away from skin imperfections & sets the mood at the same time!

    the stretchmarks won't disappear over night but until then be comfortable in your own skin! focus on the parts of your body that are hottest.

  • yeah guy I'm dating doesn't mind. I have a few on my legs but they aren't visible. as long as I don't point them out I'm fine.

  • Don't bring it to their attention and I can almost guarantee they won't even notice. Lol. I've had two boyfriends in my life and neither of them realized that I had stretch marks until I opened my big mouth and started complaining. :D

  • I have stretch marks...and I mean I'm not proud of them..I have tried to get rid of them but they won't go away...So to answer that question, try that strivectin lotion thing but they're expensive cost about $135..I have it but I'm a busy person with work and overtime that sometimes I don't use them because I'm too tired (or too lazy lol) As far of what men thinks...I think if you don't make your stretchmarks as a big deal then they won't notice it as much (and trust me, mine is very noticable)...and they wouldn't 2 exes didn't care...and my current boyfriend saw it and didn't care either...So I think it's about confidence and how you carry yourself about it...If it shows that it bothers you, then it's a turnoff for most guys..If they saw how you don't really care about it, then I don't think they mind as much...=)

    Try the lotion and see if it works for you and Good luck =)

  • They are not. It's a natural part of growing up, your body changes (everyone says that but I mean your body changes for the better really...) and as long as your are comfortable with your body and use a good moisturizer you will be a rock star. In life, what's important is taking care of your body and Cetaphil. Be thankful that you don't have a skin condition. Be thankful that you can watch a commercial for Psoriasis medication and not have to say "maybe I should talk to my doctor about this." Be thankful you don't have a bad case of some bacteria or huge rashes or hives or something contagious. Be thankful that you are healthy!

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