Guys-Is this why some of you don't like to perform oral sex on girls?

I once heard some guys talking about performing oral sex on a girl and one of them said that he doesn't do it because it is like licking an open wound.

Is this true?

If it is not, then why don't some guys like to do it? I'm just curious.


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  • :) This has to do with irrational thoughts. The problem is in the male mind, not in your pussy. Lets talk science for just a moment. Of the three major orifices on the female body, the mouth is by far the most filthy germ infested opening you have. So if a guy is willing to kiss you, it is illogical to imagine he would be bothered by going face first into your pussy.

    What is the males mind is what he knows comes out of your pussy, blood, blood clots, unidentified chunks of stuff, juices of assorted colors and textures, and foul smelling odors. With that in mind, it can be a bit intimidating too many males.

    Many men get ill at the sight of blood, but almost no females get that reaction. The reason being, females are used to the sight of blood, they see blood every month, it seems normal too them. They key to getting your guy past this problem is education. He needs to know that you keep yourself clean and that internally the p**** is self cleaning and relatively sterile. :)

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      If this isn't the best answer I don't know what is.

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      I agree! Excellent answer! In fact...All of you have wonderful answers!