Guys-Is this why some of you don't like to perform oral sex on girls?

I once heard some guys talking about performing oral sex on a girl and one of them said that he doesn't do it because it is like licking an open wound.

Is this true?

If it is not, then why don't some guys like to do it? I'm just curious.


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  • :) This has to do with irrational thoughts. The problem is in the male mind, not in your pussy. Lets talk science for just a moment. Of the three major orifices on the female body, the mouth is by far the most filthy germ infested opening you have. So if a guy is willing to kiss you, it is illogical to imagine he would be bothered by going face first into your pussy.

    What is the males mind is what he knows comes out of your pussy, blood, blood clots, unidentified chunks of stuff, juices of assorted colors and textures, and foul smelling odors. With that in mind, it can be a bit intimidating too many males.

    Many men get ill at the sight of blood, but almost no females get that reaction. The reason being, females are used to the sight of blood, they see blood every month, it seems normal too them. They key to getting your guy past this problem is education. He needs to know that you keep yourself clean and that internally the p**** is self cleaning and relatively sterile. :)


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  • I've definitely never heard that excuse before, but I think that some guys don't like it just because of the fact that it's a girl's bodily fluids and they're coming out of an opening in her body which leads inside of her. Add in the texture, and it's just too much for some guys. To be fair I think that if anyone were asked to do something equal to that outside of a sexual context, they might be hesitant. It's the sexual atmosphere that makes it easy to do without thinking much about it.

    • CPR. the mouth is an opening in the body, same as the vagina.

    • True with CPR, or even more prevalent: kissing. I'm not saying that it's a good argument, but just that it may be the reason why some people are hesitant.

    • And the vagina is a really nice opening to kiss.

  • Well, I don't know what he is licking...the Clitoris is the organ I have my tongue on...not her open vagina...

  • Some guys just don't like to (Yeah I know weird). personally I like it. Its tasty and a great way putting a smile on your partners face! But everyones different they have there likes and dislikes. But love is a to way street if they expect to get blown then they should be willing to do down on there girl.

    Reasons for no liking to go down on a girl:

    Smells- Not that it smells bad but they don't like the smell of you natural oder (again I know crazy)

    Taste- again not that you actually taste bad but they don't like the taste for example some people don't like chocolate others do.

    Never tried it- ignorant...

    Not shave'n- self explanatory

    Hard to breath down there- self explanatory

    Knowing blood comes out of there- (I know, stupid reason)

    Some guys like it others don't its a mixed bag.


  • I have never understood why some guys don't like it...

    Perhaps it is because it is the woman calling the shots in that position, whether she is lying back or sitting in a chair, the guy is in a subservient position, between her legs, perhaps on his knees... his full attention focused on pleasing her... her is responsive to her, in that she can put her hands on the back of his head and pull him into her, or push up against him, or clasp her thighs tightly around his head...

    Maybe some guys don't view it as how much pleasure than can give to the girl as much as some warped sense of them giving up part of some 'macho' thing by totally pleasing her.

    It makes no sense... the idea of it alone can turn me on... and it is the first thing I think of when seeing a photo of a vagina... the idea of licking and teasing... her wetness, her scent... the thought alone can drive me crazy.

    And I think... well, know... the I very much like the idea of female domination, so to be instructed or told or used by a woman makes it that much more of a turn-on to me...

    oh shoot... so maybe there is something to that submissive thing, then... that it is what I so much like, and other guys are concerned about it!

  • I absolutely love it. In fact, I wouldn't mind finding a woman I could do that to on a regular basis with no reciprocation ever needed. A "tongue lashing" call if you will. HA

    Some guys have never tried it and never will, others may have had a bad experience and some are just plain idiots who only want to get theirs.

  • Trust me if a guys into you he will do it. I guess it just depends on how interested he is. If it is just a booty call then no but if its more I don't see why not.

    From personal experience the more into a girl I am them more I want to do every little thing to her, just to please her. Hygiene is also a factor. Not shaved, doesn't smell good that is a no no. I guess that is a factor across the board.

    The other thing, a lot of guys are not good at it. So that might be another reason.

  • I love the way the vagina tastes...lets put it this way pee comes out of your penis and women suck it...why not lick the vagina anytime...I know blood comes out use a tampon and still do oral! Come on guys!

  • If licking an open wound gave my girl that much pleasure I would prob do that too. I'll be real honest. Its not something I love to do, or can't wait until the next time I get to do it...but when you know you are giving that much (safe) pleasure to somebody, I don't see how you cannot -- especially if you would like some oral in return.

  • If it's like licking an open wound, then I love licking open wounds...

  • I truly love giving oral sex to women, but I've had nothing but good experiences doing it. To think of a woman's vagina as an "open wound" is absurd to me, but I've heard a lot of women complain about not getting enough of this kind of attention so this kind of thinking may explain it.

  • I like giving my girl oral hearing her gasp and moan feeling her p**** tighten knowing I made her feel great is satisfying not to mention I give her some I get some

  • I think some guys just don't like it, just as some girls don't like giving head...

  • there is nothing more satisfying that giving my girl a good oral and finger treatment session feeling her buck her hips as she reaches orgasm. She gets even more turned on when she knows I came inside her and I'm tasting my own come in her. I've found that once a woman knows your prepared to do this for her the more likely she will accept a facial or let you come in her mouth.

    Its good if your both showered and if she wants to look good in a string or low cut bikini then she needs some serious trimming or a brazilian. Personally I like my girls to be shaven if they want regularly oral.

  • adk maybe their in the closet

  • I think it depends on the taste of the girl's natural lub.

  • well not sure why some guys don't enjoy it. Guess they are either ashamed of their performance doing it or they don't understand the importantance of it...I for one have always enjoyed performing orally on a lady and even so far gone to buy books and videos on how to do it better. So guess it's just the guy...if he won't...move on there plenty of us that do...we're here ;)

  • i haven't heard that one before but some guys just don't like to get down there and have her p**** right in his face/mouth. maybe they had a bad experience with a past chick who stank and tasted bad down there..or maybe they just don't like it or don't care about pleasing their girl


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  • Well I love to be licked down there and I am not bashful about letting guys know that if you aren't going to eat it, you aren't going to f**k it either!

    • Wow, you are brave. I wish I had the courage to say taht to a guy.

    • What courage! Remember if he wants to leave there is always another guy who desperatly wants to stick his penis in are vagina's

  • it's as much of an "open wound" as the mouth is.

    • Hmm it looks a hell of a lot worse, and tastes a lot different too.

    • They are both open cavities in the body that are lined by mucus. the inner walls are made up of soft tissue, the vagina has a clitoris, the mouth has a tongue.

  • Well in my opinion... there are the guys that haven't done it and don't ever plan on doing it... and guys that love it and would do it all the time... and there's the guys that would only do it to someone the really love/care for... its just like with girls giving guys head...

  • No oral = No sex.