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Why Do Guys Blow Girls Off?

Why do guys blow girls off after sleeping with them? And how can I avoid this from happening again? It just seems like every time I meet a "nice guy"... Show More

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  • Well you have choices here...

    1. Offer it to him again before he leaves and give him dates and times... he'll come back I guarantee you he will. Long as your not nasty, do something horribly wrong or suck in bed. Some of these guys might be ok with having a relationship with you, remember they might just love sex, and demand it a lot, a lot do. Although some that is all they want the other half want the emotional too just after they have fun, my advice to you, next time you do it, right afterwards attempt your DEEP emotional conversation, watch him open up like a cereal box most times this will work. If it doesn't he's not looking for the real deal it was just sex, or maybe he really has something he really has to get done, and you sidetracked him with your womanly ways lol that happens.. Guys often times get drawn into sex with a girl and maybe they do want you, but mid way or after its all said and done their like dang I really should have been doing this or that, then they scatter cause they are behind/late etc... It happens daily.... Just trying to put my .02 in there as girls too often take this as oh he just wants sex no, we just have things to do as well...sex just comes first 90 percent of the time, then whatever is next, we can't concentrate when in the mood sorry, can't do it so we get it done and over and outta our minds then we converse/talk/ work/ etc....

    2. You can stop just using sex to get a relationship and tell them what you really want, which is commitment.

    3. You can do neither. And keep wondering.

What Guys Said 6

  • Some guys are insensitive and just use a girl for sex.

    For you to avoid it in the future, consider hanging around a different crowd of people. The kind of guys you continue to meet probably comes as a result of hanging around the same kind of people too frequently.

  • Sex without a relationship is simply that. The relationship should in my belief, be settled before sex is introduced. if a sexual attraction is between the two before the relationship is established then you should be well inclined to develop the relationship first.

  • Perhaps they feel uncomfortable about the relationship after sleeping with you. Or maybe you are being used. The girls are right, the only real solution is to develop relationships further before sleeping with guys to make sure your expectations are in sync. I'm not condoning the behavior, just guessing at what's behind it.

  • Its because they are asshole...from the start that's all they wanted...don't give it 2 him unless he can prove he is respectful enough...

  • Need to find the right guys hun. Looks like you may have to make 'em wait a little longer. Means more anyways when a guy gotta wait for it. Really though; hard to figure out if someone is for real or just a user, until it's too late. Sorry!

What Girls Said 6

  • Don't have sex with them until you know exactly what they are about and what they want... it seems you might not be getting it across to them as to what you want out of it and so they just assume they can get what they want and that's it. Avoid it by being clear and not having sex with guys unless you're with them and you know where you stand.

  • Be on top of your game and stop giving your hopes up high. That boys you meet you give it up to are supposed to be there because they only come for one thing and one thing only.

  • Don't have sex too soon, don't date ass holes, and avoid one night stands.

  • If you give it up before 3 months (maybe 2 if your between 18 and 24) the guys know you're easy and will use you until you figure out what's going on.

  • Girl, guys blow girls off if they get what they wanted from them. I mean if a guy proposes you and you agree, what he wants from you is sex and if he asks you for sex and you agree, then what is next in his mind is "After I had sex with her I got nothing to do with her anymore".

    If you refuse his request he will respect you. Be careful if you want respect from guys and don't say yes to sex the first time you meet someone.

  • It's like after a guy has sex his way of seeing things changes. Everything he really wanted before sex he suddenly doesn't want anymore. It's really weird. The only time a guy will stay with you after sex is if he truly loves you. If you ask a guy if he loves you directly after sex and he says yes then he really means it.

    Point: make sure that when you have sex with a guy he's not just with you for the sex, but he actually loves you and wants to be with you.

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