Why Do Guys Blow Girls Off?

Why do guys blow girls off after sleeping with them? And how can I avoid this from happening again? It just seems like every time I meet a "nice guy" they are only interested in sex.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Well you have choices here...

    1. Offer it to him again before he leaves and give him dates and times... he'll come back I guarantee you he will. Long as your not nasty, do something horribly wrong or suck in bed. Some of these guys might be ok with having a relationship with you, remember they might just love sex, and demand it a lot, a lot do. Although some that is all they want the other half want the emotional too just after they have fun, my advice to you, next time you do it, right afterwards attempt your DEEP emotional conversation, watch him open up like a cereal box most times this will work. If it doesn't he's not looking for the real deal it was just sex, or maybe he really has something he really has to get done, and you sidetracked him with your womanly ways lol that happens.. Guys often times get drawn into sex with a girl and maybe they do want you, but mid way or after its all said and done their like dang I really should have been doing this or that, then they scatter cause they are behind/late etc... It happens daily.... Just trying to put my .02 in there as girls too often take this as oh he just wants sex no, we just have things to do as well...sex just comes first 90 percent of the time, then whatever is next, we can't concentrate when in the mood sorry, can't do it so we get it done and over and outta our minds then we converse/talk/ work/ etc....

    2. You can stop just using sex to get a relationship and tell them what you really want, which is commitment.

    3. You can do neither. And keep wondering.