Girls, What's it like to swallow?

I'm pretty new to oral, and so far he's warned me when he's going to cum, so I can stop and finish him with my hand.

Girls, I was just wondering what it's like to swallow? Because it has the consistency of mucus... Doesn't seem pleasant.

And how to go about it? Once he starts orgasming, do you keep going, or...?

Please share your experiences!


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  • I always swallow. I think its just blowjob etiquette lol. I don't keep it in my mouth to taste it. I suck on him until its all out and then I gulp it down. there is a little bit of bitterness to it, sometimes its sweet but I found it varies between guys. I haven't come across a guy who taste so bad I wouldn't swallow..I'm sure the taste is one of the reasons some girls refuse to swallow..but probably if they were with some of the worst cases of guys.

    Once he says he's gonna come I keep moving with my mouth around him. your movement is helping bring his come out, once I feel it shoot onto my tongue, I suck a little so that I get every drop out.

    I swallow and that's it. Nothing too amazing for the girl. But most guys dig it. Enjoy.

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      I'm not so concerned about the taste as I am the texture and consistency of it.

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      Its not like mucous. its liquidy. slides right down lol