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Dirty Names?

I have noticed in being with women during sex that a lot of girls like to be called all kind of dirty names while getting off - such as slut, whore,... Show More

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  • I've been with my guy for years, and I wasn't into that at first. But after a while, I started to liek it once I got into it. I think, for me, I'm so "by-the-rules" during the day, so when he calls me "His little slut" or something, it makes me feel naughty and I get a rush from not being so pure and clean like I usually am. But I do not think of slut/whore/etc as anything BUT a name during foreplay/sex... I know that I am not one. I don't like being called those names (by others) when its meant to hurt me (my guy doesn't do that).

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  • yea I'm not in to being called those names...I mean I'm fine with a guy talking dirty to me...but not big on the name calling lol

  • Well some guys I've been with like it when I'm the one who say out loud that I'm a slut or actually I'm "their" slut. I don't mind it sometimes because when I'm really into it, I do kinda feel like they're own little sut. Only if I'm really into the guy though.

  • i like it because it makes me feel dirty and and adventurous... it gets me wet to think about myself and him and that way

  • I wouldn`t like that. I would be okay with milder names but not with those ones.

  • it makes me feel like he's in control and I like that. it is a fantasy thing. Its almost like I belong to him in a weird way and that turns me on.

    • Same with me its almost a male dominace thing and I extremely enjoy being dominated!

      agree 100%

  • I think it's more of a fantasy thing for some women. Being with multiple guys just for sex with no attachments (slut).

  • i liked bing talkd dirty so much! but I don't know about dirty names. like slut/whore/ nahh

  • Not all women enjoy that. Just a certain few, but it's probably a fantasy thing. Everyone has their own turn ons, some like to fantasize really dirty.

  • I would not like that, personally...

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