Dirty Names?

I have noticed in being with women during sex that a lot of girls like to be called all kind of dirty names while getting off - such as slut, whore, etc. Why is that? What turns you on about being called that?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I've been with my guy for years, and I wasn't into that at first. But after a while, I started to liek it once I got into it. I think, for me, I'm so "by-the-rules" during the day, so when he calls me "His little slut" or something, it makes me feel naughty and I get a rush from not being so pure and clean like I usually am. But I do not think of slut/whore/etc as anything BUT a name during foreplay/sex... I know that I am not one. I don't like being called those names (by others) when its meant to hurt me (my guy doesn't do that).