Find a guy who would get me pregnant and leave?

So I've given up on guys and am happy to spend the rest of my life single but I still want to have at least one child in my life but sperm banks creep me out, so I was wondering if it was weird to want to find a guy who would get me pregnant and leave not wanting anything to do with me or my child? Also are there actually guys out there like this? I'm not saying I want to use the guy I mean to tell him my plan and only going through with it if he were to agree!

I wouldn't ask for child support I'm not that young and the fact is I don't want a guy! I just want a baby and me!
I don't need money I don't want his money so forget the money thing!
I'm 33 just so all of you know


Most Helpful Guy

  • Assuming there is some type of legal documentation he can sign that waives your right to collect child support from him, I'm sure plenty of guys would just to have sex. At least that's my thought around it, I'm sure you can find someone that doesn't go it about the smart way.