Find a guy who would get me pregnant and leave?

So I've given up on guys and am happy to spend the rest of my life single but I still want to have at least one child in my life but sperm banks creep me out, so I was wondering if it was weird to want to find a guy who would get me pregnant and leave not wanting anything to do with me or my child? Also are there actually guys out there like this? I'm not saying I want to use the guy I mean to tell him my plan and only going through with it if he were to agree!

I wouldn't ask for child support I'm not that young and the fact is I don't want a guy! I just want a baby and me!
I don't need money I don't want his money so forget the money thing!
I'm 33 just so all of you know


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  • Assuming there is some type of legal documentation he can sign that waives your right to collect child support from him, I'm sure plenty of guys would just to have sex. At least that's my thought around it, I'm sure you can find someone that doesn't go it about the smart way.

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  • he doesn't know that you're not gonna turn around and sue his ass for child support after you lose your job, or the baby costs to much money, etc.

    • I would sign something if I had to

  • It should be pretty easy, especially if you meet them online and a lot some degree of anonymity. I haven't read below, but I suspect at least half of the responses are "volunteers". And they're not kidding. They would absolutely do it. I can't really imagine there is a guy who wouldn't. It all depends on how anonymous you're willing to keep things - the more so, the easier it will be.

  • why do you want this? Like what makes you want to do this?

    • What do you think your child would think about not having a father?

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    • Every child deserves a father.

    • I would do this because two years ago on September 1,2010 my husband and I lost our 3 year old son to an autoimmune disease. If we were to go ahead with a vesectomy reversal we could have another baby with the same disease. The odds of having another baby with the disease for US specifically are 1:4. For most people in the US the odds are 1:50,000. We want another baby but without the worry of having a sick baby.

  • Just get f*** by a guy without a condom, and never talk to him again if you are pregnant.

  • It is true! This does happen and has happened to me!

    I have been asked twice to help someone get pregnant. The first time it was a definate NO due to me being in a relationship.

    The second time I was not so this is what happened.

    I was asked by an old school friend last year to help her get pregnant.

    Story is she lost her husband when she emigrated due to him being in an industrial accident. Yet was desperate do get pregnant to have a 2nd child.

    I considered it for some time and decided that since there was no financial issues as we both thankfully have successful business’s that I would do it as it was within my power to help her.

    Yes it was the old fashioned way and yes she got pregnant and now has a beautiful baby girl!

    I am thrilled now she has been born. I was very dubious at the outset but seeing the joy she has brought to my friends life has made it all worth while.

    It was such a positive outcome I would very seriously consider doing it again because I have now been shown that children are a blessing and as such why should any women be denied that?

    Yes I would definitely consider doing it again!



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  • My manager told me to get married (to a well-off man), pop out a few kids, and then get divorced.

    I'm pretty sure he's just bitter cause he got divorced, but sounds like a solid plan.

  • You are TOOOOOOOOOOOOOO young to start thinking about having a child. You have plenty of time for that.

    Maybe in the future you will find a guy who you love, who you will want as the father of your child and who you will want to stay with.

    Don`t throw away your chances of finding true happiness later just because you`re so impatient you would rather have a weak imitation now than wait a little while.

    Really. It is too sad that you feel you have to do something like this in order to be happy. It isn`t healthy, and you need to make some changes.

  • Wow you don't want to do that, don't give up. I left my husband and my daughter was just born. I too was hurt, like you. While I love/adore my daughter, now 16, honestly, it hurt more to go through it all ALONE - you are cheating yourself, don't do that. Just get better at weeding out guys upfront, BEFORE you have sex or invest emotionally. Don't trust too soon and too early, be more careful. Become friends first, don't have sex until you are engaged or married, there are ways to make better outcomes and avoid being just hurt again.

  • You are awfully young to want to do that even if you are 24 I would wait a few more years until you have a child. They are a huge commitment and can be very expensive. Even if in a few more years you still want nothing to do with men you can follow through with your plan. You could just have a one night stand with some guy at the right time of the month and be done with it.

    • Well if I had known your real age I would have had a different answer for you. You are old enough to take on the responsability of a child and probably make enough to take care of it yourself so go for it.

    • Thank you

    • Isn't anyone going to mention the psychological damage that children born without a father develop? Honestly, it seems everyone's all wrapped up in themselves.

  • This is so ironic because there are some girls out there that do this but don't even think about the consequences. You, however, know what you want but I think you should rethink the whole thing. Let's say you end up getting pregnant by some random guy you never talk to again. What if down the road you meet a guy you truly fall in love with? You might regret what you did because you would have wanted to have a child with the man of your dreams. Don't get me wrong you still might have a kid with him, but wouldn't you want him to be the father of your first child?

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