Anonymous, girls! Sluttiest thing you've ever done?

I'm really curious about what you girls do actually get up to, even if you're all hush hush about it. You can be anonymous if you like, but confess, HONESTLY, the most X-rated rated thing you've ever done! Even if it's not conventionally that naughty :P


Most Helpful Girl

  • Well, last night my boyfriend and I were riding in the back seat of my car while my mom was driving us home (we were out of town all day). She was playing music really loud to keep herself awake and really intensely focused on the road. My boyfriend slid his hands down the top part of my dress started massaging my breasts and playing with them, and then grabbed my hand and placed it on his crotch and had me massage it through his jeans while he moved one of his hands up my skirt and started rubbing my clit and fingering me. Then after I finished, he undid his pants and I gave him a hand job and then went down on him and sucked him off. It was kind of fun trying to be quiet and bite back moans and trying not to get caught. I never thought I would do anything like that, or that he would instigate it while we were in the same car as my mother. I really am not making this up, either, as crazy as it probably sounds.