My boyfriend has a foot fetish and always wants to watch related videos. I don't like it what should I do?

I have been with my Boyfriend for 3.5 years. We have been living together for 2.5. When we were together for about a year I had found out that he was watching these foot fetish videos all the time. He would even message other girls and ask them to send them pictures of their feet to him. I found... Show More

Does anybody else have advice?

Most Helpful Girl

  • If your boyfriend didn't have a foot fetish, the story will have been the same. I don't think that you are having this problem because of your boyfriends foot fetish. I had a very good looking and very boyfriend 2 years ago and I had the same problem as you. But my boyfriend didn't have foot fetish. The problem is that if you don't have the looks that your man is looking for, then you will always have this kind of problems. It's not about if he likes feet or boobs or ass.. My boyfriend always liked skinny Asian women but I didn't care. For me he was the best man I could ever had.(btw I am not very good looking and I'm white-italian) I was also found out that he was watching p*rn with Asian women one day. . Long story short one day that we have a fight, he told me to break up and that I was never the girl that he wanted for the rest of his life so why to be together? And I mean he was right. I would have done the same thing if I was with a man that doesn't have what I truly want. Either if that for some people is money, looks, sex or something else. Every person is different. Anyway my advice to you is that if you really want to be with him, just talk to him about what you want. And ask him to do the same. If he tells you that he want's to go with other women then it's up to you guys if you want to continue your relationship. Sorry for my English..