Becoming a prostitute?

I have been striping for a two years and I make pretty good money. A lot more then most of my friends. I don't have a boy friend, nor do I want... Show More

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  • The risks are obvious: arrest and imprisonment. Minnesota penalties are fairly mild--fines and a year or less in jail--but if you gain the persistent attention of law enforcement, you'll never operate comfortably, and your clients will flee to the winds.

    ,Everyone in trade gets caught eventually, and the sloppy are caught quickly. Take the long view: any prostitution conviction against you will be public record. Are you comfortable explaining it to family? Friends? Boyfriends? Employers?

    Rethink your writing career. You don't need schooling as much as you need writing work. You need to be well-read, and to command your language, but a writer becomes more valuable with age and experience. With prostitution, precisely the reverse is true.

    You'll need a day job, but stripping will serve you well enough there, especially if you can work your way into club management. Also, stripper memoirs are in vogue. See Diablo Cody, Elisabeth Eaves, Lily Burana, and others--especially Burana.

    Start reading, start writing. Good luck.