Becoming a prostitute?

I have been striping for a two years and I make pretty good money. A lot more then most of my friends.

I don't have a boy friend, nor do I want one. I'm not the type to cheat so its best I don't have one.

I need more money though and am thinking about becoming a prostitute.

I don't consider my self to be stupid, but I'm not the brightest bulb on the tree.

I live in Minnesota so its illegal, like most areas.

What are the chances of being caught?

I want to start collecting money when I'm young for retirement. I'm nineteen now. It would be horrid to work twelve hour days at the age of fifty.

There's not much I can do. I need money for bills, food, and all basic necessities...

I used to want to be a writer, but I'm not smart enough to go through all the schooling. I wanted to be a lot more, but this is where I am.

What are the penalties?


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  • The risks are obvious: arrest and imprisonment. Minnesota penalties are fairly mild--fines and a year or less in jail--but if you gain the persistent attention of law enforcement, you'll never operate comfortably, and your clients will flee to the winds.

    ,Everyone in trade gets caught eventually, and the sloppy are caught quickly. Take the long view: any prostitution conviction against you will be public record. Are you comfortable explaining it to family? Friends? Boyfriends? Employers?

    Rethink your writing career. You don't need schooling as much as you need writing work. You need to be well-read, and to command your language, but a writer becomes more valuable with age and experience. With prostitution, precisely the reverse is true.

    You'll need a day job, but stripping will serve you well enough there, especially if you can work your way into club management. Also, stripper memoirs are in vogue. See Diablo Cody, Elisabeth Eaves, Lily Burana, and others--especially Burana.

    Start reading, start writing. Good luck.


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  • Welcome to the world of AIDS

  • Becoming a prostitute would be the single worst decision in your life that you could make right now. Sure, you would be making money and all, but down the road, you will regret it and hate yourself for it. It's one of those things that just demoralizes a person. There are so many other things you can do with your life. As for schooling, most of college isn't about your intelligence, it's all about how bad you want it and how hard you work towards your goal. If there's something out there that you can do that for, like writing, then you will be able to do it. What I'm trying to say is that this is the only life and only body you get, don't throw it away like this.

    And also, don't listen to the idiot comments by guys below. They are immature and a**holes. This isn't something to joke about like they are.

  • You don't have a boyfriend so why not try porno instead?

    Also the money you earn should be saved up to take writing classes, like outside of college. Go ahead and sell your body, but don't entirely give up on your dreams!

  • be a call girl

  • become a escort with extra services

  • Find A Sugar Daddy!


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  • That's the stupidest plan ever...

    Don't do it!

  • See what you need to start doing is give yourself more credit. You can be whatever you put ur mind to it. You don't need to be a genious to be a writer, sure, you might not get a Nobel Prize for Literature. But if that's what you really want, why settle?

    Getting caught is not the worse it could happen, nowadays with all the STDs that are out there and even with protection you can still catch something.

  • go to school. ur only 19. being a prostitute is a really risky business. you could catch a std, get killed by a creepy man who didn't wanna pay, or get caught

    • Ok your giving her all these negatives to the "job" like she wants to apply at mc'donalds or something. How about the fact that it's just WRONG no contest, and it is beneath her worth? All prostitutes know the risk of the job what they don't know is their own worth. Especially in a case like this where she is not being forced to become one.

    • Ok bye lol

  • Thats the worst possible decision you could every make.

    Sure you'll get money, and be ok... for now.

    When your older you'll look back and wish you hadn't, or worse you could turn into an empty shell because you'll think your body has no value.

    Your body is precious, don't be so quick to degrade yourself and your worth. Think again.

  • don't become a prostitute, you will be sucked into a dark underworld. You might be able to make a lot of money stripping if you learn the tricks, I recently have been reading Jenna Jameson's Biography at first she was a stripper before she was a pornstar and she talked about how her friend taught her the ropes I suggest you read the book for tips plus it was really interesting. one of the things she did was not touch the guys during lapdances but get closer and closer during each dance. anyway she became the top girl and earned thousands of dollars.

    • I only brought home $1,250 last night....

      That money does not last me....

    • Thats still a lot considering what most people make in other jobs, you should practice saving it up.

      if you were to become prostitute then you might have to end up splitting the money with a pimp

  • Being a prostitute is worse than being a piece of rat sh*t on the floor (and a stripper is half way there). Is that what you consider yourself? Your worth so much more than that... your priceless girl! And no man deserves to touch you unless he loves you.

  • i wouldn't do that if I was you..

    are you like blowin your money on coke or somehting? I thought strippers made DAMN good money.. why don't you like go to school or somthing?

    u don't exactly have to be a genious to learn.. you just gotta pay attention