What do girls prefer: a circumcised or uncircumcised penis?

i have a uncircumcised penis and I've heard some girls say that uncircumcised look ugly and t they don't like it and I'm kind of self conscious about it. I don't think that all girls say that so I want to hear your opinion.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Any woman who tells you that your uncircumcised penis is ugly, is shallow and immature. You were made that way for a reason. Uncircumcised men do not cause as much friction on the vaginal walls, causing women to lose lubrication. You slide back and forth in your own sheath, while allowing the woman to still feel the movement with less friction. Friction can cause dryness, much as it does when you rub your wet hands together causing them to dry easier.

    I am not saying that circumcised men are not great as well, but for many women who have an issue with soreness and a lack of lubrication from vigorous sex, an uncircumcised male can be a big plus. I cannot think of an issue where it would be a negative.

    Do not let ignorant women make you feel self-conscious. God did not make a mistake by giving you foreskin. American women are just not use to seeing uncut men. European women feell the opposite way, and see circumcised men as looking less pleasing. When she gets use to seeing you as you are, she will probably prefer how you look as well. If she cannot get beyond that, you need to find someone who thinks you are beautiful as you are.

    All penises are wonderful, but I do prefer uncircumcised, because to me it is more sexy. It is pretty hot to see a guy become erect as the head emerges from its hiding place.