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What do girls prefer: a circumcised or uncircumcised penis?

i have a uncircumcised penis and I've heard some girls say that uncircumcised look ugly and t they don't like it and I'm kind of self conscious about... Show More

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  • Any woman who tells you that your uncircumcised penis is ugly, is shallow and immature. You were made that way for a reason. Uncircumcised men do not cause as much friction on the vaginal walls, causing women to lose lubrication. You slide back and forth in your own sheath, while allowing the woman to still feel the movement with less friction. Friction can cause dryness, much as it does when you rub your wet hands together causing them to dry easier. I am not saying that circumcised men are not great as well, but for many women who have an issue with soreness and a lack of lubrication from vigorous sex, an uncircumcised male can be a big plus. I cannot think of an issue where it would be a negative.Do not let ignorant women make you feel self-conscious. God did not make a mistake by giving you foreskin. American women are just not use to seeing uncut men. European women feell the opposite way, and see circumcised men as looking less pleasing. When she gets use to seeing you as you are, she will probably prefer how you look as well. If she cannot get beyond that, you need to find someone who thinks you are beautiful as you are.All penises are wonderful, but I do prefer uncircumcised, because to me it is more sexy. It is pretty hot to see a guy become erect as the head emerges from its hiding place.

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  • as long as you know how to use it! but honestly I love a circumcised penis.

  • well honestly aesthetically speaking, circumcised looks better and in terms of hygiene is also better but don't be so self conscious about it... love it! its yours! and learn how to use it!

    • If one washes it doesn't make a difference in hygiene but mothers don't like to learn their boys how to wash themsemelves down there: prudishness. So if guys don't wash, circumcized is better.

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    • Thats actually wrong, the skin protects the head from dirt and keepts it moist so circumcized are actually more exposed both to desises and dirt

    • @ Matty: OK. because it keeps the head moist and "hidden" its more susceptible to accumulate "dirt" and odor... Now I am not saying circumcised are not susceptible to diseases and dirt or that those who are cut are cleaner than those who are not... it depends on how hygienic the person is too... Anyways, both have their pros and cons. I have seen them both and have no preference. I don't disqualify a guy based on that.

  • I loveeeee one on my man regardless of size, colour, or shape or hair involvement lol :D

  • Well I admit that's not as common as a cut penis these days. But is it ugly? No not at all. My current boyfriend is uncut and I love his penis.

  • I most definitely love circumcised d***s way more!

  • i like both , sometimes circumcised feels harder while erection, but some extra skin sometimes give extra pleasure, that´s whi they have all this texturized condoms , to give extra sensations

  • Not to sound mean and I don't think it makes a woman shallow, but I think it's gross. IMHO! I would gag if I as to put that near me.

    • Just my thoughts on big vaginal lips those also should be taken off, it can get really disgusting.

    • 1mo

      I agree there gross... But it's harder and more expensive to fix. But if I had em I would

  • My present uncircumcised man arrived after I'd been with several circumcised men.
    I have had no relations with circumcised men since I met my current uncircumcised lover, but the difference between circd sex and uncircd sex is very obvious to me.
    All my circumcised men seemed too anxious to reach their own orgasms and too caught up in getting their own pleasure. And they often left me unsatisfied, leaving me irritable, aggravated, and frustrated as hell.
    Circumcised men are more rough and they tend to ‘pound away’ at me. With them, I seldom achieved orgasm.
    During circumcised intercourse, it always felt like there were two sexual experiences going on—his and mine. It was never making love—it was only ‘F... ing.’ And most of the time our movements were out of sync. I was often left frustrated and feeling used
    —leaving me feeling blue.
    My uncircumcised man is very tender, passionate, and loving. Sex is more relaxed, mellow, and gentle with him than it was with circumcised men.

  • My guy is not and I think he has more feeling that the cut guys. Other than that, most girls won't care one way or another. I love my guy for his brain and attitude, not just his foreskin!

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  • I don't know, but recently i circumcised my penis, found like there's only little sensation when putting on condom having sex, it made me lose erection multiple times.. probably...

  • I've heard of more girls who like circumcised better but honestly, sex is more pleasurable for the guy if he still has the foreskin (Heard from different sources). I'm circumcised.

    • Very few guys really can compare: the number of guys circumcized after starting their sex life must be rather small: circumcision is done at birth in the US (roughly 50%, those born in clinics) and among Jews or at 5 years or so in Muslim countries. Only when when the foreskin is really too tight to enjoy sex or some serious infection develops will it be done on uncircumcized guys when older. They will then be very happy to be rid of that foreskin.

    • There is a campaign against circumcision, mostly financed by "reconstruction clinics", who will offer to restore the foreskin. I don't know if the patients are really happier afterwards. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    • "really happy" because they had a defect in it... its like saying "the man is really happy because they cut off his 20mil golden ring that is stuck on his finger"his happy he doesn't have that problem anymore not that he now has no ring

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