Do women like pictures of naked men?

I recently came across this mention in a blog: This photographer asked men to photograph a naked man in terms of what they thought women found sexy; then asked women to photograph the same man in terms of what they found sexy. The photographs differ quite a bit! Click the link below.


With the lack of magazines like Maxim or Playboy, but geared to women (Playgirl is out of print, minus the recent Levi photos), lack of websites showing men photographed in high quality, similar to the ones that exist for men to look at women... do you think:

1) Women just don't find the nude male attractive?

2) Women can find the nude male attractive, but the media hasn't quite nailed down the way to do it yet.

-If so, is that because there is too much variety in what women find attractive, or because the industry has been dominated by male perceptions of what women want, or both?


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  • erm what's with all the posters? I know a lot of my friends have guys on their walls. not wearing a shirt, but not completely naked either. I like those shirtless, black and white posters. theyre hot :) but I'd never hang up a total nude picture. first because I don't think they're hot...i don't know I just like the jeans and no shirt better :-/ and second, while it may be normal for guys to "read" playboy it would look weird if you saw a girl looking at a "playgirl magazine" (yes the old society thing

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      If you removed the whole society thing, do you think women would read magazines like playgirl, or would they still be uninterested in a fully nude man. What if the nude man was aroused, rather than flaccid? Does that make a difference?

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      I don't know about other girls but I'm much more turned on by a half nude than a fully nude man. just makes him seem more classy. so for me, no it wouldn't change a thing. but like I said, I don't know about other girls

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      But then again I'm a virgin. maybe if I'd had sex I'd be more turned on because it would remind me of something lol