Do girls prefer it when he comes inside?

Have you ever had a guy come inside you?

It seems so natural for a guy to want to climax in there, does it seem natural to you, too? It's obviously the best feeling a guy can have, how does the inside of your vagina feel as he comes? Can you tell he's coming? Do you want him to stay in there for a while afterwards?

If you don't like it, why?

I've got a new girlfriend I this hasn't come up yet, but I know she's on the pill and we're both d/d/ tested and things are getting there fast! Thanks


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  • I always prefer to have him cum inside me. And your right it just feels natural for a guy to do so.

    i can usually tell when he cums because he'll tell me and then my thighs get really hot and it feels really warm. And if he orgasms. I can always feel that!

    i think my boyfriend lasts longer when he stay inside me. I love the feeling of him inside me and he knows that so he stays until he's not hard anymore


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  • Just be careful. A friend of mine was on the pill and wound up pregnant anyway. That's because its 99 percent effective, not 100 percent. I don't have sex but if I did and I didn't have anything to worry about anything pregnancy wise then that's how I'd want it.

  • Um actually I would rather have him come inside me not sprinkle it on top of me or my face!

  • I can never feel it, so it's like hmmm. All I get out of it is having to sit on the toilet and let as much of it drip out as I can so it doesn't get all over my clothes.

    I'd much rather have it be in my mouth, because then I can keep it in my mouth after he cums until it starts to get soft. And no mess. :)

    Plus, sex without a condom usually lasts like 5 minutes. Not long enough. I like at least 10 :p

  • Personally I love it! My thighs get very hot and my hips feel hot too along with shaky. I love it! I prefer for the guy to linger there for a while however once either of begin to dry up a bit then it's time to pull out otherwise waiting longer can be somewhat uncomfortable.

  • It's a bonding thing so yeah, plus big bonus to see how aroused it can make your partner

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  • dont wast your time with all that. girls get no plesure from cum. if you always keep the condom on you will be her best friend. she then stays cleener inside